Friday, May 02, 2008

gotta make a move to a town that's right for me

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's back to work I go. Evidently this is my last month, so I'll have to savor every moment:( Boo.

Yay! Posting ahead is now available on the regular Blogger dashboard. Just adjust the date in "Post Options" and it will automatically post it whenever you specify. I love that feature!

Love the commercials for Mariah Carey's new perfume "M"...."a $600 value for $75." If it's selling for $75, it must be worth about $10.

I watched "Alvin & The Chipmunks" last night starring Jason Lee. Eh, the kid in me was disappointed.

I was googling PMS symptoms last night because I wanted to see if nausea is a symptom. Ever since I started with this pre-menopausal crap, I've noticed that whatever few symptoms I had before are greatly exaggerated now. I never used to hold water before, now I'm bloated like five days. My boobs used to be tender for a day or so, now they're sore and the size of melons for five days. Well apparently someone beat me to it, because they asked if nausea--which I'm suddenly experiencing, too--is a sign of PMS. A guy responded, "Yes, I get nauseated every time my wife gets PMS." LOL! Good one:)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

" get nauseated every time my wife gets PMS."
The only reason it's called PMS is because Mad Cow was already taken.:)

Mushy said...

Yep, the new scheduled posting did all four of mine on The Silverbacks this morning while I was still snoozing!

If your boobs are swollen to the size of melons and tender, it just means they're ready to be squeezed!

*Goddess* said...

Since I'm in a good mood because the PMS has passed, I'll let that slide, Dan'l.

That's my favorite new feature, Mushy! You can write a weeks worth of posts ahead of time...if you have that much of a life:)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, I noticed that feature this morning. Did my latest one that way. Now Mushy can set up Silverbacks with like 500 posts and never have to look at it for weeks.

And the whole thing about boobs bein' tender and swolen... That go for nuts too? 'cause mine are. Damn, this "change of life" sucks!