Thursday, May 08, 2008

do you believe in life after love?

I was thinking about this mess with my skin, and it’s funny, but when I was younger, I never gave a thought to rubbing on fruity lotions or perfumes. Now I realize all those garbage chemicals are going right into my body. That’s why I want to scream when I see women putting bug sprays on small kids. Those things are full of dangerous chemicals. Now when I want a fruity smell, I’m just going to whack a peach in half and rub it all over myself. Oh, wait. I forgot about the pesticides they’ve absorbed. Sigh.

Is it my imagination or did Cher sucker people into attending not one, but two tours by crying “farewell“? And now she’s having 200 shows in Vegas. Is it permissible to have a “farewell” tour when you have no plans of going away? What a clever rip off.

I watched the Eva Longoria flick “Over Her Dead Body”, and I thought it was pretty good. It was very well written, but I was not wild about Paul Rudd as the male lead. He had great chemistry with the female lead Lake Bell, though, and I thought it was a sweet, romantic comedy. I thought it was going to be the typical movie where she dies and comes back to haunt her ex's new love out of jealousy, but Longoria really thought her "job" was to save her ex from making a mistake by getting involved with Bell because she wasn't right for him. So it had a little bit of a twist.

I tried one of those Little Debbie S’Mores. On the package it said, “Real campfire not included.” In reality, it should have read, “Real marshmallow, real chocolate and good taste not included either.”

Gee, ya think?


zowoco said...

What do you suggest in place of the fruity lotions and bug sprays? I have been contemplating crushed cucumber and stawberries, perhaps mixed with a little milk or cream.

I am impressed with your fast high ranking. How do you achieve that?

*Goddess* said...

My "fast high rank" was achieved by writing a blog for just six short years;)