Thursday, May 08, 2008

aww nuts

I ordered Soap Nuts. Laugh if you will, but my arms and legs are all broken out and itchy from my damn detergent. I usually use All Free, but I ran out, so I used a TINY bit of regular All, and now my arms and legs are a total mess. I have contact dermatitis everywhere.
I'm beginning to think that maybe All Free isn't exactly "free" either because when I did use it, I still couldn't get rid of this dermatitis. It was much, much better but it still didn't clear up completely. Hopefully getting away from soap all together will be good. I can't even use soap on my body because it burns like hell. Plus the soap dries the skin out, making it even itchiER. Ugh. I've tried EVERYTHING with my skin, so I think it best to eliminate the soap. Calomine lotion seems to be the only thing I can use that doesn't irritate the veins in my legs. I guess anything like cortisone is just too harsh.
Unfortunately the Soapberry seems to grow best in California, otherwise I'd plant my own doggone tree.


BBC said...

Hum, well I don't know anything about your condition, I can use any kind of soap so I'm thankful for that.

You might try some Shea Butter lotion, it's pretty cool and helps smooth the skin.

Especially if you can get hubby to massage your backside with it. Or even your frontside for that matter.

BRUNO said...

I don't use soap---I just go to the creek, and scrape it off with a rock!

Naw, really---some good shit for dermatitis that I've found is AVEENO lotion, with colloidal oatmeal. Very "pricey", and ain't as natural as you might like, but by gawd, it DOES work!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Billy. I already tried "Raw Shea Butter," which is pure shea butter, not that cosmetic crap filled with fruit flavors, and nada, zip, zilch.

And Bruno, I tried Aveeno, too. Actually that was one of the first things I started with because of having used it on the offspring with the chicken pox.

The problem is some of these products dry it, like the Calomine Lotion, but then it's SO dry, it itches even more. I need a natural product that dries and softens. Now I'm using Calomine to dry and pure Vita E oil to soften and heal. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm freaking MISERABLE!!

BRUNO said...

Have you tried pine-tar soap? Like Neutrogena, or something? Also, Preparation-H might offer some relief, if ya' don't mind smellin' like a well-conditioned asshole.....!