Wednesday, May 07, 2008

aiken for a change

Repeat after me, Clay: I do not look gay.


BRUNO said...

Now, now---let's OPEN our minds, and be a nice little Goddess! We can't all be ruggedly-handsome like ME!

(Just hold your hands over your stomach when you gag like that, it helps get it over with faster...!)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I was living in NC when that shit head was on AI. That's all I heard: Clay,clay,clay! So I went to see a concert he gave in HC.

That goofy fucker sure looks AND acts queer as a three dollar bill IRL, and the most UNTALENTED queer at that! We walked out fifteen minutes into his program. The boy is a loser.

H2o said...

He sure looks like Leann Rimes in that picture.