Monday, April 14, 2008

the wheels on the kia go round and scrape, round and scrape, round and scrape

I had my winter tires taken off over the weekend and now the passenger side front tire is rubbing on the wheel well when I back up or make a sharp turn. I called the garage and explained what was happening and that I didn't have this problem with the studded tires and the guy said, 'Well, what would be causing that?!'

I said, "I was kinda hoping YOU could tell ME that." LOL...

From the "karma police, throw this bitch in the hoozegow file":

When I went to work Sunday night, my boss was upset because –hello!–freaking Overtime Hawg asked her if she was going to miss her when she went to the home. My boss is sick to begin with and I decided enough was enough. I know damn well she’s bringing this up to the boss because she’s pissed her husband is no longer permitted to come to WORK and sit on his ass watching TV with her. When she came in Monday morning, I said, “Why do you keep bringing up this crap about the boss having to go to a home?” She said, “I didn’t bring it up. All I said was ‘will you miss me when you go to the home’?” [Both times I heard that, I think the boss should have responded, “HELL NO!”] I said, “And that’s not bringing it up? You have to know this is upsetting her, so why do you keep doing it?” Get this–she said, “I just don’t know what to talk to her about anymore.” So you taunt her about having to give up your home and your beloved cat. This is made all the CREEPIER by the fact that Overtime Hawg leaves every day by kissing the boss on the cheek and telling her she loves her! GMAFB! THEN O.H. blurted out, “I don’t care where she goes or what she does.” BINGO! First honest words I’ve heard her utter since she started there. I said, “Well, try to put yourself in her shoes,” and she said, “Oh, I am putting myself in her shoes,” and I walked out the door. What a deliberately cruel person.

Surprisingly, the night before, the boss said, “She doesn’t care about me. She only cares about the money.” I was really shocked to hear her say that because although we all got that a long time ago, she never acknowledged it out loud.


BRUNO said...

You've hit a BIG pothole, or slid into a curb, on that side of your Kia this winter I'll bet, haven't you?

*Goddess* said...

Nope or the studded tire would have scraped and it didn't. Never heard this noise till he changed my tires Friday.

BBC said...

'Rubbing on the wheel well'. As an expert alignment man I can tell you that just changing tires shouldn't have had anything to do with that.

Unless your summer tires are bigger than your winter tires, then it might.

But sometimes random events produce random consequences, I (any mechanic) would have to check it in person to determine what may be causing it.

If it isn't serious just live with it. The Kia may have an adjustable steering stop on it, but unless the alignment is way out I wouldn't worry about it.

BBC said...

Were the summer tires mounted on the same rims? Are they the same size? Did the tire changer have a nice ass?

*Goddess* said...

Yes, they're mounted on the same rims, yes they're the same size and no, his ass was scrawny.

BRUNO said...

The damned thing IS fully-seated on the hub, isn't it? I mean, that scrawny-ass tire man didn't get the rim cockeyed, did he? I'm sure there ain't much clearance between the fender and tire on a Kia to start with, but???

Cock-sucker didn't BEND your rim on the tire-mounter, did he?

While on the subject, does that Kia have STEEL rims, or does it have those CAST aluminum/magnesium rims?

Both CAST and/or STEEL rims can be damaged/bent by someone who fits them to the tire changing machine wrong.

Yeah, a little rub won't hurt, it's just that those little dudes you use ain't real thick on the sidewalls as it is!

BRUNO said...

Here's a way to check: Switch the RIGHT tire with the LEFT tire. If it still rubs, it's in the car. If not, it MIGHT be in the rim.

It just sounds to me like the rim is being held away from the hub by something.

Just a thought, that's all.

*Goddess* said...

That's EXACTLY what I told my husband, switch tires and see what happens! It just strikes me as odd that it never happened until now and it's only on that one tire. I thought maybe it wasn't on there properly.

I don't know what type of rims it has and my husband is in bed at this point.

If it does rub, it won't cause it to go flat, would it? That was my concern.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"If it does rub, it won't cause it to go flat, would it?"
Fraid so. Sooner or later, that rubber's gonna get scraped off down to the air......(:

Loose lug nuts are another possibility. Or something between the wheel and the disk brakes (unlikely, but with today's "service"..).

Bottom line is do not let it go. It's dangerous, as well as expensive.

*Goddess* said...

Gawd, it is GREAT to have male readers because they know EVERYTHING about cars!! I love it!!

Yeah, Dan'l, the first thing I read on the internet was to make sure the lug nuts were tightened properly, so my husband is going to take it out this afternoon and they're going to look at it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just something that simple.

BRUNO said...

Damn, I'm slow---"Future" beat me to it!

Yeah, men ARE good for more than doorstops, at least MOST of the time!

Now, if we could just figure out some way to get the WOMEN in our lives to lay-off that wanting to hear "I LOVE YOU" shit each day, we'd be just like we were years ago---LONESOME, AND WITHOUT...!

*Goddess* said...

"I love you" SHIT?????? Come on, Bruno! You don't tell Mrs. B you love her every day when she leaves for work?!

BRUNO said...

Only when it's payday.....!