Wednesday, April 02, 2008

stop wasting my time and gimme some money

Yay!! My main site now uses Word Press! Damn that was hard work. You know, waiting around for Mike to do all the hard work;)

In case you haven't heard, experts are recommending hands-only CPR. Hopefully more people won't be leery of helping out in emergency situations now.

A pastor from NY who told his wife he was going to Best Buy to get his computer fixed was found in a strip club in Ohio. What? They don't have Best Buys in New York or Pennsylvania?! Who knew stripper chicks were so damn handy with the computer.

I could not WAIT to get out of work on Monday morning. Overtime Hawg and Boss #2 had a HUGE fight. I walked in and OH started boo hoo’ing about it, then she left and I went in to see the boss and SHE started in on what happened. I’ve never seen her so angry and quite frankly, I was really afraid she had a heart attack during the night. I usually hear her up and about going to the bathroom, but she was quiet all night long. OH can’t figure out that the boss is pissed at her because she keeps bringing up the fact that the boss will have to go to a home. On the way out the door, OH said in her nasty tone, “She’s just mad because she knows what’s coming and she’s taking it out on everyone around her.” I said, “Well, if she forgets, I’m sure you’ll remind her.” I think it’s downright cruel to be bringing that shit up. And then to have the balls to cry, “I hope I don’t lose my job.” It might be HER paycheck, but it’s the boss’ LIFE. I nearly LMAO when OH said to me, “I told her I’d come over and clean for her for free.” I thought, “What a load of shit. She doesn’t even want to clean for her NOW when she’s getting paid for it.”

I just saw a clip from the show, Moment of Truth in which a woman admitted she should have married her ex-bf instead of the man she’s currently married to. That show should NOT be called Moment of Truth. It should be called “Greed.” If you’re willing to hurt your spouse, your family and your so-called best friends, for cash, you’re not “honest.” You’re greedy.

Mr. G wanted to see the first season of Gunsmoke, so I ordered it from NetFlix. The later seasons are run quite frequently–or at least they USED to be until that damn Ted Turner gobbled all the Westerns up and started–you guessed it–the Western channel. They had commercials from the show and the one was for L&M cigarettes. There’s James Arness extolling the virtues of cigarette smoking, and each time the ad ended with “enjoy life and live large!” Yeah, with lung cancer. The only old ads I remember were the Borax ads that ran during Death Valley Days. I don’t remember the cigarette ones. One question I do have about these old Westerns: why is it that every time they emptied their canteen, they threw it away in a fit of anger? Wouldn’t the smart thing to do is hold on to it until you DO find a watering hole? And for anybody who thinks today’s shows are violent, they seriously need to watch some of these old shows. People were shot and killed in almost every episode.


BRUNO said...

Oh, I remember several cigarette sponsers. But it was all just "part of the game", then.

Did it sway me toward smoking, was it all just a subliminal-type message? Honestly can't say. I think it was just a stage we all go through, perhaps even a "habit of convenience", much like cigars, beer, and in some cases, women!

But the number ONE reason I like the old shows, is because they were NOT made as "real-life/death" situations, like todays' "virtual-reality" is.

In the old days, the "good" guy ALWAYS got the woman, and therefore, was the WINNER!

Today, if you're "bad", it means you're really "good". And it's "cool" to lose, because it means you're REALLY "bad"(?)! And, even SEX seems to be taking a "back-seat" to REAL violence!

Please, just shove me in a time machine, set it to "Back Then", and "Beam Me Up, Mr. Scott!"...

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Yay!! My main site now uses Word Press! Damn that was hard work. You know, waiting around for Mike to do all the hard work;)"
So will this link be discontinued, and the main site the the holder of all your pearls of wisdom?

I shudder at the thought of missing one.:)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Hopefully more people won't be leery of helping out in emergency situations now."
Liability is still a big issue with the public I think. Getting sued for breaking a leg as folks are pulled out of a burning car, all those common sense type lawsuits.

And OH needs to have a bad stroke, THEN see how she feels. She pissed me right off just reading about her!

*Goddess* said...

No, Dan'l, my main site link will change for those who were reading me there. Don't think you're getting away THAT easily!