Monday, April 07, 2008

a rush of blood to the head

Well, here's something I never even thought about. What will people screw with next?

This story really renews my faith in big pharma and doctors.

Ewwww. I love how the dad said he "initially" thought it was wrong to have sex with his daughter. Gee, ya think?

Doggone Flickr ticks me off. They specifically ask if you want your pictures included in searches and I always pick "no." Yet every day I get a bunch of hits from Google searches with my Flickr pictures.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Well, like she said, she stopped thinking of him as Daddy, and started thinking of him as stud instead. Turnabout's fair play, if "fair" can possibly be used in such a sick situation.

The reason the first child died could very well be directly related to that incestuous relationship. The risk of birth defects skyrocket when incest is involved.

Mushy said...

I think the Flickr and Google searches are separate animals. I probably couldn't find your pictures if I searched in Flickr, but I probably could with Google.

Everything posted on the net is fair game for the big search engine bots!

*Goddess* said...

There are two different kinds of searches it asks you about, I know the one is Flickr, but I thought the other concerned search engines like Google.