Friday, April 25, 2008

ripe and juicy

I rented the first season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, creator of Seinfeld. The episode we watched last night, “Beloved Aunt,” was absolutely hysterical. Larry’s wife’s aunt died and he promised to write up an obituary for the paper. He asked that it read, “…loving sister, beloved aunt,” but there was a typo and it actually read, “…loving sister, beloved cunt.” LOL! Then he bought a gift for Jeff’s mother and he kept asking everyone if they knew how he could get it wrapped. That is SO like my husband. He was pumping gas and he said to the mechanic, “How would one go about getting this wrapped?” Then he was all caught up in the fact that he’d also have to have tape, scissors and a bow. He said, "Wow. This is really getting complicated." It was hilarious. He ended up giving her the gift unwrapped and the first thing her husband said was, “A gift? What kind of gift is that? It’s not even wrapped.”

Billy Ray Cyrus’ kid is going to write her memoirs. Good grief, she’s only 15. What’s she going to say? “I remember way back when I was in grade school…three years ago.”

My cousin sent around a HUGE emailing reminding us that stamps are going up in May and that we should “stock up” on the Forever stamps. Yeah, I should spend a whole bunch of $ on stamps because they’re going up a whole PENNY. Forever stamps are the biggest rip-off ever. The only time they’re worth anything is if you buy them right before a price increase and even then, what’s the point? It’s not like your making a huge savings at one penny per stamp. Once there’s a hike, the “Forever” stamps go up in price, too. Is anybody actually dumb enough to sucker for this scam? Other than my cousin, of course.

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BRUNO said...

Well, a BUSINESS that buys several THOUSAND might benefit just a little in the long run...?