Monday, April 14, 2008

ride the cliche

I TOTALLY disagree with the Dr. Phil show for bailing out one of the teenagers in that vicious beating that's been shown on The Today Show. His "anything in the name of ratings" b.s. is ridiculous. And it insults the public's intelligence to expect us to believe that the people from the show who did it had no idea it was wrong. They backpedaled because they were found out. My husband mentioned the other day that it seems like young "women"--and I hesitate to use that word because it implies some level of maturity--today are much more aggressive and physically violent than ever before. But what do we know? We're just bitter, gun-toting Pennsylvanians....

My boss is really sick and I can't help but wonder if her guardian isn't going to use this "chance" to put her in a home right now. She's coughing up a storm and I'm afraid it's going to turn into pneumonia again. It's a dry cough right now, which could mean her congestive heart failure is progressing or it could just be a cold. Either way, I feel for her and her situation. She absolutely refuses to even consider the option of going into a home, and if she has to go to the hospital, her guardian just might see this as a way of transitioning her out of the house. The other night she said to me, "I can't go to a home. The doctor told me I'll never last in a home. It'll kill me." Way to go, Dr. DumbAss. I swear some of these jerks don't even THINK before they speak. Coincidentally, she has the same Dr. DumbAss my dad has. When I went to visit him the last time he was in the hospital, he was really depressed and I asked him why. He said, "The doctor came in today and said, 'well your heart is really weak'. Like I needed to hear that!" What a jerk. Doctors don't realize how much power to HEAL they have, IF they wanted to heal. Just hearing, "You're going to be fine," gives a person so much hope, and that makes a big difference in the healing process.

Mushy posted about his granddaughter's first car, and it made me think about my first car, a Buick Century, and how much of a BIG deal it was to drive to school. I thought about this again yesterday morning as I passed the high school I attended on my way to work. It was FABULOUS to be able to drive to school, and when the bell rang in the afternoon, all the kids were running to get a good seat on the bus, and you were sauntering in the other direction towards the senior parking lot, no cares, no worries. You were able to come to school ten minutes before it started, instead of a freaking half hour on the bus. And you were able to get home in five minutes because you didn't have to go through all of those stops. The only part I hated was paying for the gas:)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Dr. Phil" is an absolute fraud!! A psychiatrist wanted to present a paper at an APA meeting, detailing "Dr. Phil's erroneous diagnosis's and advice" - and was promptly escorted out of the building without the chance to present his paper.I know. I was there.

The other side of that blunt Doctor thing....I was being checked for a possibly cancerous tumor. My last visit, when I asked the Doctor about it: "tests are inconclusive at this time." A day later, Dr. x's office called my wife at work, asking her to "come in at your earliest convenience to discuss a matter of importance."

Since he wasn't her Doctor, I smelled a rat, and correctly so. I threw a raging fit in his office waiting room, which included calling him a incompetent damn liar, and it went down hill from there. He intended to have my wife "break the news" to me that I had cancer. I went up one side and down the other of him with golf shoes on, tearing him a new asshole.

Needless to say, I dumped him like a rock, and my lawsuit is still pending. There is a happy medium, that even the so so Doctors know. Unfortunately, there are too many Doctors who shouldn't be...(:

Shrinky said...

Hey, what's this about Dr. Phil (ears pricking up)? The man's a Saint, isn't he? Doctors. Shit, don't start me (so many mis-diagnosises with Sam, I've lost count). Sorry to hear about your boss, sounds as if she has enough to deal with without the added anxt of worrying about being stuck in a home. I've not been chasing around the blogs much thesedays, but I haven't deserted you - it's good to be back.

BBC said...

I don't often hear Dr. Phil.

My first car was a 1950 Ford, my dad owned a service station and I worked in it after school and on week-ends.

*Goddess* said...

I can't believe your doctor pulled that stunt, Dan'l. I can't even call my husband's health care company--even though I'm on the same policy--and ask if he's eligible for a TEST. This whole "privacy act" is fucking ridiculous. After hearing, "I'm sorry, I can't give you that information. Your husband will have to call" a million times, I think I'd sue his ass off, too.