Saturday, April 19, 2008

restless tonight, just wasting the light

These political candidates are unbelievable. In Pennsylvania, Derek Walker is running for Congress and he’s been charged with felony burglary and criminal trespass. A former gf is accusing him of allegedly stalking her and for invasion of privacy. So an ad detailing this runs on the noon news, paid for by his opponent, Matt Shaner. Not five minutes later, Walker runs an ad about how Shaner was arrested for drunk driving after wrecking and fleeing the scene of the accident. Lovely. Politicians are so shameless now that they don’t even wait to become Congressmen before they commit crimes.

Americans are such suckers for junk. My boss is buying the complete state quarter collection. She’s paying fifteen bucks for two quarters and a couple stamps mounted on cardboard, the total cost of which doesn’t even equal a dollar. Damn. No wonder she’s running out of money to pay us. Sigh.

I am so glad Overtime Hawg isn’t in charge of my medication. The boss is really sick and O.H. waited all week to call in for a prescription for her. The pharmacy brought the antibiotics yesterday after I left around 6:30. I came in this morning and she said, “You have to start her on these pills.” I said, “What?! Why didn’t you start her on them last night when they came?” She said, “Because the pharmacy said you have to have a full 24 hours between doses.” I said, “So?” She said, “To get the full 24 hours, you have to wait till morning to start because it was too late.” I was dumbfounded. I’m like, “In other words, you can only accumulate 24 hours if you start in the morning? 6:30 pm Friday to 6:30 pm Saturday is not 24 hours?” She thought about it for a long time, then said, “Oooooh.” Yeah, that’s why it says right on the damn directions to give them the same time each day. So the boss had to go sixteen hours without her medication because dip squat couldn’t figure out 24 hours is not 6:30 AM, but 6:30 PM. There is one aspect of this job that I am NOT going to miss and she's it.

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Lin said...

Ohmigawd - you redecorated the place totally since I was last here. Looks great though!

And your tales make me SOOO glad that I am gainfully unemployed right now. My BP wouldn't allow me to deal with utter twits like that any more. Guess that rules out politicians, too.