Wednesday, April 16, 2008

praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

I can't WAIT for the Pennsylvania primary to be O-VER. Every day I get phone calls from the Hillary and Obama campaign headquarters, begging me to vote for them, and telling me when/where I can see them in person. As IF I'd leave the comfort of my trailer to listen to their bullshit. The upside is that when this is all over with, I can go back to clinging to my bitter silence, my guns and my Jebus.

Did you see this story about the pillowfights in NYC on World Pillow Fight Day? Wish I could have gone. I would have packed a couple bricks inside my pillow.....

I was watching Stephen Colbert in Philadelphia last night and I got a kick out of him touring the history museum. He kept asking if he could touch the artifacts, and the guy said, "I really can't let you touch the artifacts." The minute he turned his back, Stephen touched them anyway...LOL!
It was also hilarious when Stephen laid under the Liberty Bell and said, "Well, there's your problem right there. The clapper's stuck."

Mr. G wanted to get Lasix surgery because his left eye is at as a strong of a prescription as the eye doctor can give him. He asked me what I thought and I told him I was really concerned because Lasix is basically a cut to the eye that has to heal and diabetics have a hard time healing. I did some research and found out that about 47% of diabetics have problems with Lasix surgery, but only 7% of non-diabetics have problems. He kept talking about it, so we scheduled him an eye appointment. They gave him a couple tests then he came out into the waiting room, then they called him back and he was with the doctor for OVER an hour. I was really starting to get worried. I knew the doctor was with him because he was the last appointment of the day. Finally he came out and said that he wasn't a candidate for Lasix, but he could have the PRK surgery, which basically reshapes the surface of the cornea. However, while Lasix recovery is a day, PRK takes seven days. The doctor told him he wouldn't do anything, though, until Mr. G got his sugar down to a 6. It's an 8 right now. He was disappointed, but he continued talking about this other surgery. Tuesday afternoon he called me and said, "I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing. My boss's S-I-L is an eye doctor and he said diabetics have a very hard time with Lasix because of healing. Plus almost half of them experience problems." I said, "I TOLD YOU THAT!!" Guh! Lasix is basically cutting a prescription into your eye. So when your eye changes, you have to go in for more surgery, and you have to have a thick enough cornea to do that, because each time they go in, they peel back a layer of the cornea. Mr. G was born with thin corneas, so that leaves him out as far as Lasix is concerned. Personally, I'm glad the answer was clear cut like it was. He wanted it so badly that I was afraid he'd refuse to listen to his intuition.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I really feel for Mr. G., because my eyesight is in dire need of help as well. Other medical factors prevent any of the "miracle" surgeries. It's so wonderful to dream of perfect sight, but the dreams of dying...(:

Somebody's gonna get sued as a result of injuries in/over those pillow fights. Just wait. This is America!!

I wouldn't walk to the bathroom to hear Shrillary/Oblahma even if they'd talk while I was peeing!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, all it's gonna take is somebody losing an eye, and the lawsuits will begin!