Wednesday, April 23, 2008

left outside alone

MY 1500th POST!! I never realized I was so gabby....

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Hilary Clinton accuses Barak Obama of stealing all her ideas. That must be why he’s wearing all those yellow pant suits.” Stephen Colbert

Go Hillary!! And thank GOD, I’ll get a brief respite from those damn political phone calls. Tuesday we had two from Hillary, two from Obama, and four from local dudes running for office.

I was in a beautiful, deep sleep around 4:30 this morning when some strange noise woke me up. It was coming from the woods, and it sounded like a small dog had been injured and was making an “err ruff! err ruff!” sound, but you could tell it wasn’t a dog. About two weeks ago, Mr. G said he heard the same thing early in the morning when he was out walking the dog. He said he also hear something running through the woods one night and he thought it might have been a wild turkey. Do wild turkeys make weird noises like that during the night? Unfortunately the damn thing kept me awake long enough that I couldn’t fall back to sleep till after 5:30 and I had to get up at 6. Arrrrggghh!

I watched Dr Phil yesterday because they had people who had been taken from that polygamist compound in Texas. Today they had two young men on the show. Rarely do you hear from male cult “survivors.”
They talked about some of the guys being kicked out because they were “competition” for the older men since the young girls are required to marry the old dudes. What struck me was when the woman said that as a child she was constantly being stimulated by her half-brothers or her dad. I’m wondering how many pedophiles are “born” that way? I mean, if you’re taught that it’s okay to touch your little sister, does that carry throughout your life? And what about if you leave the “church”? Do you still think it’s ok to touch small children? I also wonder how many pedophiles flock to these sorts of cults simply BECAUSE of constant exposure to small children? The woman who was on the show said her father had 56 kids and they were taught that anyone outside the walls of the compound would abuse them. How ironic, huh? One woman said her dad told him the “evil people,” aka anyone outside the compound, would grab them by their ankles and beat them against a telephone pole. Nancy Grace was all yammering and bitching about these women getting out, but come on. They’ve been beaten down emotionally from the time they were young girls. They don’t KNOW any differently. I felt really sad for them because they lined them up for the media and they kept saying, “I’m really happy here” and you could see they were almost zombie like in their lack of emotion. I also felt bad for the two young men, because it was very clear that even though they knew what was going on with their siblings back in the compound was wrong, you could see they missed their families very much.

I’ve been noticing something with school buses lately that surprises me. Several times in the last few weeks, I’ve been behind a school bus and when they make their stop, they deliberately angle the driver’s side front wheel across the double yellow line, into the other lane of traffic, EVEN when the child is boarding the bus on the same side as the door. I mentioned this to a co-worker who has school age children in that district and she said they do that if they think the driver in on-coming traffic is not going to stop. In other words, they force them to stop one way or another. I’m sorry, but I think that’s an incredibly stupid thing to do. They’re now putting all the kids on the bus at risk if the driver doesn’t stop. Adding to that the fact that kids do not have seat belts on a bus, and I think it‘s a totally unnecessary risk to take. No seatbelts in the buses totally ticks me off. You can be fined if your small child isn’t in a car seat, yet they can ride a public school bus and not have to be belted in.

There was a news story on this morning about a woman in Florida who found an 8 foot alligator in her kitchen. The funny part was when she called 911 and the operator said, “Are you sure it’s an alligator? Are you sure it’s not a really big iguana?” LOL!

On my way to work I travel through several different neighborhoods and it strikes me as a bit ironic that the people with the crappiest yards have fences around them. Are they afraid someone is going to stage a drive-by cleaning?


BBC said...

1500, more than I've posted. What a gab fest. LOL

Lin said...

1500 posts! Migawd, that IS chatty. But congratulations - it's certainly all been very entertaining.

Yeah, I feel very sorry for all those compound females - how could you know it's a good thing to break away from the only thing you have ever known? Lots of that going on aside from compound, just in varying degrees. Great way to sell religion to old lechers though.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dr. Phil should be put IN that compound - just before it's torched.

The minds that study such things say pedophia is an inherited disease, but at what age it becomes "active" I'd have no guess. I will guess that the extremely young boys stimulating their Sister were either "peer pressured" into it (Be like Daddy!), or ordered to do it by an adult.