Monday, April 07, 2008

jagged little pill

YAY! Blogger added the one feature I loved on WordPress. You can now pre-date your posts. Log into, write up your update, change the date and time, then hit "publish" and you'll see a msg. telling you when it will be posted to your site. Cool beans, huh?! This will allow me to set up my HottCop posts days in advance.

Who remembers the days when we used to be able to watch the news without being constantly bombarded with stories about rising gas prices? Yeah, me neither.

I enjoyed my TaeBo work out last night after work. Some days I really look forward to it and other days, I dread it. I’ve exercised all throughout my married life, but it’s just now that I’m trying to see it as a good thing. Mostly I thought of it as a chore. Now I see it’s something positive that I do for myself, something that makes me feel better. Funny, but other than housework and gardening, I never remember my mother doing a lick of exercise. No exercise bike, no aerobics, not even any nightly walking, which might be why I viewed it as a negative thing. Mr. G always exercised, though, and when we got married, I started doing it, too. On another exercise note, someone close to Billy Blanks really needs to explain to him the meaning of the word “base.” During the Power Rounds DVD, he equates the workout to climbing a mountain. In the one DVD, he says, “We’re at the base of the mountain now. Right in the middle.” In another DVD, he says, “We’re at the base of the top of the mountain.”

I’ve tried more than once to get into The Sopranos, but I can’t get past the fact that Tony Soprano sounds like an idiot when he talks. It bugs the hell out of me.

I see Marie Osmond is the latest celeb pimping a diet plan, Nutrisystem. I think companies like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and any diet company that pays a celeb to lose weight should have to disclose publicly on their ads that the celeb had personal trainers and dieticians helping them, as well as the diet food. By not disclosing this important information, they’re setting up unrealistic expectations for the viewing public. I think they should also have to disclose how much money the celeb was paid to lose the weight. Let’s face it, a million bucks is damn good incentive, especially if you’re a tad “washed up,” like Tony Orlando.

There is a rise in “Geisha Guys” now that Japanese women are earning more money. Apparently they’re willing to pay FIFTY GRAND to have these guys spend time with them and compliment them, something they say most guys aren‘t willing to do. My guess is ‘most guys‘ would be more than willing to compliment them for 50K. For the amount of $ they’re shelling out, these chicks should just hire themselves a male personal assistant. Not only will they compliment them, but they’ll get some work out of them, too, and they probably won‘t have to pay them near as much. . BTW, they showed video on CNN with this story and I could NOT tell the men from the women. The one that I thought was a woman actually turned out to be a guy. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Even Bob Van Dillen said, “No way is that a guy.”

Speaking of CNN, when I was watching a few minutes during breakfast this morning, they showed a video from a riot that took place during Cedar Fest. Cedar Fest is apparently a fest in which college kids praise the mighty Cedar. During the fest, they went amuck, as college kids often do when Cedar trees (and large amounts of alcohol) are involved. In all this rioting and smoke bombs and police presence, you see a chick standing in the middle of the street, flashing the peace sign while she mugs it up as her gf takes her picture.

Those online astrology sites are so accurate sometimes, it’s scary. Take this article, for instance. It discusses the favorite types of shows for astrological signs. It says this for my sign, Taurus: Taurus
"It's no secret that you like the finer things in life and that you aren't above doing what's necessary to get them, much like the money-seeking, upper-class players in the eccentric nighttime drama Dirty Sexy Money. This show seems an obvious fit for channel-surfing Taureans not only because of its materialistic, driven, and sometimes selfish cast of characters but also for its unapologetic display of wealth and luxurious living, two things you desire and with which you can probably identify."
Wow. It could not be more wrong. I hate that sort of stuff. I love comedies. And Mr. G has often told me I'm the least materialistic person he knows. In other words, "it doesn't take much to please you, does it?"

You know who makes a LOUSY on-screen cop? John C. McGinley, the guy who plays Dr. Cox on Scrubs.


Mushy said...

Well aren't you just a "Chatty Cathy" today!? Got a lot on ya don't 'cha!

But, you are entertaining.

*Goddess* said...

I was bored at work. Can ya tell:)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Who remembers the days when we used to be able to watch the news without being constantly bombarded with stories about rising gas prices? "
Who remembers the days when you could still remember what the news was about, when the commercial finally ended?

*Goddess* said...


BRUNO said...

I'm with everybody else! Gettin' tired of hearing how much higher gas will be, every day. Not like we can do anything about it. Refuse to buy? Go ahead. That is, if you are in walking distance, or in the case of parents, if you can pick your kids up in a little Radio-Flyer wagon!

And, as for the news, it was better in black & white---more actual NEWS, less "pimping-up"!(Learned that one from Dan Rather...!)