Sunday, April 06, 2008

i hope you have the time of your life

Another big THANKS to Mike South for helping me get my TWOG site onto Stat Counter. I LOVE Stat Counter, and now I have the stats for all my websites all on one page. YAY! I’m in StatWhore Heaven. I didn’t have any problem getting my Blogger pages on StatCounter, but I had no clue how to do the WordPress one.

I was TRYING once again to discuss future job/college options with Female Offspring #2 last night when Female Offspring #7 interrupted. She informed me that I don’t have to worry about her job, because she has it all picked out. She’s going to be an Island Princess. Damn it. First Mushy with that Miss Bimbo site and now Barbie. They’re killing me here! BTW, way to go, Mattel. Nothing like setting little girls up for some unrealistic expectations.

One of the least stressful chores in my life used to be purchasing toilet paper. I mean really, what were the choice? White or white? Then the tp industry tried to shake things up a bit by putting a goofy design on the tp and duping us into believing their paper was “quilted.” Yeah, you can really quilt paper. Now they’re dicking with the sizes. You have your regular roll and your big roll aka the GRANDE--sounds like something you’d get at Denny’s with a side of bacon. Then we have the giant roll and the mega roll. What’s next? The ultra mega giant? I’m not sure if this is the companies way of trying to confuse us on the pricing or if it’s their way of telling us something. Maybe they’re working in conjunction with the diet industry and feel that because we now have bigger asses, we need bigger rolls of toilet paper? Personally, I’d just like to find tp that doesn’t leave a million little bits of paper on ME. After all, that’s the whole idea behind wiping yourself CLEAN.

I think this is one of the most disgusting ways of preying on a person’s fears you can find. A local crematorium is running this ad in the paper: “Seems all funeral homes want to advertise cremation. Yet most are mere middlemen, jobbers who drop a person at the crematory, leave and never actually perform or even witness the cremation itself. So, ask yourself, how they could possibly know: whose ashes are in the urn?”
If the only way you can get business is to scare people when they are at their most vulnerable, what does that say about YOUR business ethics?

I was reading a newspaper article about some new sites that are helping consumers who have problems with companies and feel they have not gotten a fair (or any) resolution. Check out, where people are putting the spotlight on companies with poor customer service. Often times, the business will post a response on the site and/or get in touch with the customer and make things right. Two other sites are consumer and

Madonna is staunchly defending her marriage to Guy Richie, claiming it is not in trouble and that sex with him is “incredible.” Uh-oh, she feels the need to compliment his sexual prowess. They must be in trouble.

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