Monday, April 28, 2008

drew looks at me, i fake a smile so he won't see

This shit is getting ridiculous.

A new law being pushed in Canada by Big Pharma seeks to outlaw up to 60 percent of natural health products currently sold in Canada, even while criminalizing parents who give herbs or supplements to their children.

Hmm, so let's see if I have this right: Miley Cyrus posed for a partially nude photograph, for photog Annie Leibovitz. Her parents were on the set when it was taken and they all agreed it was great. NOW that it's out, Miley is finding it's not so fabulous. Famous photographer or not, WTH were her parents thinking agreeing for a 15 y.o. to have this sort of picture taken? Nothing like fostering the notion that a female is the sum total of her body parts. She had this good, wholesome image going, showing young girls that you can make it big and not be slutty, and then this. And I LOVE Disney's line, "...a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines," something Disney would NEVER do, no doubt. Puhleeze. If you discuss something with your parents and the photographer and you ALL agree, you can hardly cry "manipulation" at a later date. I saw the picture and I have to say that she hardly looks "beautiful," which was her original comment about the pic. I think she looks sickly, but then what do I know about 'artsy' shit?

COMPLAIN?! The jackass ought to be GRATEFUL. When he's finished being a drama queen about this, maybe he can write a diet book. Hey, a one hundred pound weight loss isn't anything to sneeze at, and Lord knows he has time on his hands.

Awww, nothing says 'love' like a knock down, drag out brawl. Notice how the bride immediately protects her man when outsiders try to help her from (allegedly) being abused? If that ain't love, I don't know what it is (stupidity). Wooo hoo! You go, gurl! You defend that man so he can (allegedly) beat you up another day!


BRUNO said...

Damn, I guess I need to "do a crime, for the time", if I could accomplish that! And THREE meals a day, too---hell, I'd never wanna leave either! And if he wants hot meals, maybe he can just sit on 'em---that big ol' ass has to have "heat" in it somewhere!

As for Miley---yeah, even THIS old pervert thinks she could've put off the photo-ops for at least a couple more years! But then again, it WAS with parental approval, right? But hey, it's not like the parents would want to get any financial gain from an up-and-coming daughter, now, would they???

*Goddess* said...

Yep, parental approval AND her approval, so no crying "foul" when there's a public backlash. Ya can't have it both ways.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I saw that 15 year old, in one of her pics - a sheet wrapped around her or something? She looked for all the world like a flood survivor.

Amazingly, what you said was exactly what that newly wed was doing. Protecting her "comfort zone" believe it or not! Better than 90% of battered women will go back to the same man, or marry another one just like the first one, unless there is prolonged professional intervention.

*Goddess* said...

She looked like a ghostly drug addict to me.

Yeah, I was being sarcastic, but I know they go back to what they know, no matter how bad it is. Sadly. What really amazes me is when I see them on COPS. One segment, the woman called for help because he was beating on her and by the end of the ep, she was at the cruiser yelling, "Don't worry, baby, I'll get you out!" Damn.

BBC said...

"This shit is getting ridiculous."

No shit?