Monday, March 24, 2008

you'll probably move right through me on my way to you

Mr. G thought he was being so clever when he saw his sister on Saturday and casually asked her when she was
going to visit their mother at the home. She said Sunday afternoon.
So he went in the morning to avoid her. Who walks in two minutes after he gets there?
His sister. LOL! I said, "She either knows how to read you really well, or she was lying, hoping to avoid you, too!"

"Step It Up and Dance." Just what the world needs. Another boring dance show.

A couple weeks ago, I bought a beautiful chocolate brown button up sweater. (Think Mr. Rogers but with good taste.) I haven't owned a button up sweater in years, but the whole "chocolate brown" thing sucked me right in. Let me say that it wasn't until I got this sweater that I realized how many screws without nuts, wood slivers, sharp corners and jutting nails I come in contact with every day.

Hmmm, so now David Paterson has admitted to having affairs on his wife, too.
Geez, are there any guys in politics who haven't fucked around on their wives?


BBC said...

My mind is stuck on the button up part.

BRUNO said...

Barney Franks didn't fuck around on HIS wife! Now, as for his "significant-other", I can't say. And I don't wanna know.....!

Button-up, eh? My wife used to wear stuff like that to work, but she kept havin' "blow-outs"! First on TOP, but as she got older, the BOTTOM went out, too!

Now she either wears a pull-over, or the good-ol' "lace it up 'til you drop" style...!

Lin said...

That apart about Mr.G going early and running into her anyway cracks me up. Yeah, bet she had the same thing in mind. Too funny.

An ex always dressed up in brown - I now remember him as a big walking turd as a result and have avoided that color like mad ever since, even chocolate brown.

Alexander said...

Ralph Nader has never cheated on his wife!

Probably because he doesn't have enough funding to. HA!