Tuesday, March 11, 2008

you say goodbye and i say hello

Bugs sent this link of snow pics from the latest storm to hit Ohio. I love the one of the deer eating out of the bird feeder! LOL!

When Female Offspring #7 started talking leprechaun traps yesterday, I wanted to cry. Not THAT again. How many years will it take for her to figure out that the only thing she's going to catch is the cat? And sadly, one of her older (dumber) brothers.
I said, "Let's make this easy on you and me. Instead of traps, we're going to put out your brother's change jar.
And there's $5 in it for you if you never mention the words "leprechaun" and "traps" in the same sentence again."


BBC said...

Snow sucks !!!!

SpongyBones said...

Oh yeah wait till she catches one and then you will see!

BRUNO said...

And it IS leprechaun season right now, at least thru the 17th...!