Wednesday, March 26, 2008

you make me feel like dancin'

Oh, puhleeze. Where were these damn things when I was birthin' 'em left and right?!

Due to a sudden scheduling change, I started work an hour later today. This is my last day of exercising before I take off two days to rest. That annoying little voice inside my head kept saying, "Get up NOW and exercise BEFORE work! You know how hard it is to do it at 7 pm." To rationalize using the hour to sleep, I said, "Yes, but I feel exercise helps me relax after a long day at work." That little voice persisted, "You're going to regret this later in the day."
So I did the only thing I could do: I told that little voice to fuck off and I fell back to sleep for an hour.

Now Gub'ner Paterson is admitting to using drugs. Shut up and do your job.
And McGreevy's boyfriend is saying he had sex with McGreevy and his wife. Ok, we get it. You're bigger whores than the strangers you screw around with. Newsflash: we only care about sex scandals when someone digs them up, drops the bomb and you deny it. We don't want to hear you confessing your sins. BOOOOORING. There's no fun in that. Besides, who cares? The world's going to end in 2012 anyway.

According to his tax statements, Obama and his wife made nearly $1 million dollars last year. Tell me again how he doesn't fit the presidential profile because he's a "po' black man," Rev. Wright!

I get annoyed the way news programs exaggerate to hold your attention. This morning Robin said on CNN, "Chelsea Clinton gets blindsided by a question about her father's affair with Monica Lewinsky." Hardly. The chick asked her if she felt Monica Lewinsky hurt her mother's reputation, in light of the fact that Hilary released information this week indicating that she was in the White House when the encounters took place. Chelsea told the chick she was the first person to ask her anything like that in the 70 colleges she visited, and that it was none of her business, but I felt it was a legitimate question considering. Besides, Chelsea isn't a little kid anymore, and if she's going to be stumping on her mother's behalf then she needs to know these sorts of things will come up. I'm sure there are a lot of people who wonder exactly what her feelings are in relation to her mother and father and their handling of that big mess. Granted that doesn't give us a right to an answer, but that's not going to stop people from asking. The cynic in me feels that some day, a reporter will ask the right questions and get the answers. All that requires is the right amount of monetary incentive.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

that it was none of her business
She's out to get Mommy elected, somebody asks about Shrillary's reputation, and is told it's none of their business.


My last few posts have drawn over 60 emails, not a one from the right, but a lot of them damn sure sound like they came from the right..(: I've never seen anything like this before. Not in a primary.

BBC said...

I'm not sure who my father was, don't care.

Yeah, it is fun to catch them isn't it? It would be interesting if we could catch a woman preznut giving someone a blow job.

That would be a new twist. :-)

*Goddess* said...

This whole election is strange. The Democrats don't want to vote for the Democrats and the Repubs don't want to vote for their candidate either...

*Goddess* said...

Catch a woman president giving someone a BJ?! Give me a break, Billy! If anything, we'd catch HIM giving HER cunnilingus!

Lin said...

'Bama pie made a million bucks last year while playing Ill-annoys politician?!? Never mind, just answered my own question by accident.