Monday, March 17, 2008

top o' the morning to ya!

Happy St. Paddy's Day! We had a beautiful 50° day Friday before the temps plunged back into the 30's. This is nature's way of dicking with us. I don't think anyone should be surprised by the fact that Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was arrested for being a pothead. After all, she thought Gilligan was attractive and you'd HAVE to be stoned to think that string bean had it going on.

I was reading through the Publisher's Clearing House sale items and one
was a 2 CD set entitled "The Essential John Denver." An oxymoron if ever there was one.

I was over on This is what the owners SAY the purpose of the site is: "It is the hope of the site’s founders that citizens and departments alike will use this powerful tool as a way of monitoring police performance. Officers who do their job well will receive the public attention they deserve.
So will the dishonorable few who try to hide misconduct behind the power of their badge." Personally I think it's going to quickly turn into a slam site. Here's an example of one of the comments that was left on this site: "He abuses everything, and also is very racist to his own kind. He likes to stop mostly women just to check them out."

My question: How do they know the difference between someone who is posting with a legitimate complaint and someone who is posting because they have a personal vendetta against the officer? As long as these people are promised anonymity, it's going to be a free for all. Saying someone is a racist and a womanizer is not commenting constructively. They are PERSONAL OPINIONS someone has formed of this officer, and they are not helpful in any way, shape or form to the PD he works for to improve his performance. Besides, how do we know he's a womanizer? Has this person seen him sexing it up on the highway? And racist to his own kind? GMAFB. Crap like this comes off sounding like a personal vendetta against the officer. Allowing anonymous people to leave garbage like this is what's going to ruin any credibility their site hopes to achieve.

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