Thursday, March 13, 2008

stop and stare, i think i'm moving but i go nowhere

WORDS OF WISDOM: "Elliot Spitzer said he'd clean up the government, and by leaving, he did just that."
The Daily Show

The high cost of food has created some havoc with our Easter celebration this year. I can no longer afford to buy several dozen of eggs for the offspring to color.
(Remember the year they forgot to hard boil them first? That was a treat.)
This year we will use plastic Easter eggs instead of the real thing. God only knows what the after Easter potato salad is going to taste like. I'm guessing crunchy.

This is a question for people who have "real" teeth--not veneers or lumineers (and yes, I know lumineers go over real teeth), caps or false teeth--and have had their teeth professionally whitened.
Do "real" teeth actually get white like lumineers or do they just get lighter when the stains come off? I've been using GoSmile and while the stains are getting lighter, it occurs to me that my teeth are never going to be "white" because I don't think real teeth ARE white.
But GoSmile is far from professional, so I'm wondering if the professional whitening actually makes the teeth white.

Why do we need the Mother's Act? Just one more way for the blood sucking drug companies to get their damn anti-depressants pimped out to more of the population. I love where it says the exact cause of PPD isn't known, but women have been cured by their drugs.
Let's not even THINK about attacking PPD from a nutrition/vitamin/healthy eating angle. Let's just drag out the drugs. The government needs to keep it's nose OUT of women's bodies. Go dick with the guys for a change.

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