Sunday, March 16, 2008

scene on my fridge

My response?


Mushy said...

You also wanted a more computer literate friend, but you didn't get that either...sorry.

Anonymous said...



BBC said...

I like cooking my own meals. Would still cook a lot even if I had a mate.

*Goddess* said...

You knew wayyy more than I did, and I appreciate the help, Mushy!

I used to cook, Billy, but when I started working longer hours and at one point I was working two almost full time jobs, I felt cooking too was overkill;)

BRUNO said...

As long as there's a SONIC, I'm lookin' at a life of leisure...!

*Goddess* said...

There are NO Sonics around here:( But they show their commercials on our news station and I love them. Must be in the Picksburgh area somewhere.

BRUNO said...

OMG!!! NO SONICS??? Oh geez, no wonder you tire of "the same-old-same-old" so quick!

They're not as good as the original "Mom & Pop Shop" burger, but they're close enough to "deja-vu" me for a few minutes, anyway!

Hell, I even used to "worship" at White Castle, to prove my manlihood!

But I always came back to Sonic, and those sweet lil' gals on skates! A few Sonics still let 'em "skate", but most have made 'em resort to "that cute little trot"!

Oh-h-h-h, dear me....!!!