Sunday, March 30, 2008

let's all go to the lobby

I watched Crash last night. Yaya, I'm only three years behind in my movies, but I have to say I thought it was an excellent film. The scene where the cop was rescuing the woman from the burning car had me literally on the edge of my seat. When they pulled him out first and she was still inside,
I kept thinking, "OMG! They're making him leave her there!" then he went back and got her...damn. Another riveting scene was when the store owner shot the lock smith. Excellent movie.
Anyway, I put the DVD in and I was trying to watch some of COPS while the disc was loading and I thought, "Is it my imagination or is it taking forever for this movie to start?" I went back after the movie was over to the first scene and this is what I saw: (first screen) Lion's Gate Film; (second screen) Bob Yari Productions; (third screen) DEJ Productions; (fourth screen) Bulls Eye Entertainment; (fifth screen) Lion's Gate Films, Bob Yari Productions and DEJ Productions present; (sixth screen) a Blackjack friars Bridge and Harris Company Production; (seventh screen) an Appollo Screen Production; (eighth screen) A Bulleyes Entertainment Production and FINALLY the fricking NINTH SCREEN "A Film by Paul Haggis" before it went into the cast. That is fricking ridiculous. They could have put all of that on one screen.


BBC said...

I'm sure that you have watched many more movies than I have. But I think I will rent and watch Soylent Green.

Lin said...

Goddess, you're not helping the cowboys' argument for us to get a DVD player at all, you know. Guess I will postpone my driving urge to watch Star Trek 2 now.
(yeah, I am out sneaking around a little on daytime generator until I get caught)

*Goddess* said...

If you can get past all of the crap, some of the movies ARE worth watching, but it bugs me that I'm paying more now for TV service than ever, and we're renting things like Gunsmoke and Big Valley....sigh.

Lin said...

That's what the cowboys are pushing, too. They have all pledged to lend us "Lonesome Dove" for starters, first and foremost.
(Das generator fuhrer is closing in on me as I type!)