Sunday, March 09, 2008

let it ride

A big "HI!" to Bugs, who is snowed in in Ohio.

I was reading an article in the paper about Arelia Taveras, a former lawyer and tv commentator, who is trying to sue several casinos for $20 million dollars because she felt they should have recognized she had a gambling problem and stopped her. She lost her law practice, her apartment, her parent's home and $58K. She said she would gamble for days on end, sometimes passing out at the tables because she hadn't slept in four or five days. I'm wondering why she feels the gambling industry should have recognized her problem when she didn't even see it in herself until it was way too late? In my opinion, she is trying to take the easy way out here finding a quick fix to her debt problems to avoid prison for stealing from her client's escrow accounts, and is not acknowledging ANY personal responsiblity. Let's look at this on the flip side: suppose she was winning thousands of dollars and the casino owners said, "Hey, you're not allowed to gamble here anymore because we're concerned about your welfare." This woman would have been the first to say, "I have a right to gamble. Mind your own damn business." It isn't the casino owner's responsiblity to babysit their patrons.

I was watching a show on E! that had red carpet moments on it. They showed Ryan Sechrest interviewing Jennifer Garner, and Gary Busey stuck his head in and said something to Sechrest, which prompted him to introduce Busey to Garner. Busey hugged a clearly surprised Garner, then I guess he kissed her on the neck. The chick on TruTV's celebrity news show said of this same meeting, "And later, a Red Carpet encounter that left Jennifer Garner terrified". Terrified? Talk about sensationalism.

What a week I have had. Ok to recap: Overtime Hawg told my co-worker that we were going to lose our jobs at the end of March, so I applied for a job at the personal care home where Mr. G's mother lives and I got the job. I finished up my 10 days at my "first" job, and the woman at the care home wanted me to get in a couple shifts on my three and a half days off before I went back to my "first" job and finished out my two week's notice. I worked Wednesday from 10 pm -6 am, and the woman who trained me told me all of the negative stuff that happened there. By the time the shift was over, I just wanted to sit down and cry. The thought of having a job like that for years depressed the hell out of me. The next day I was scheduled to work 2 pm to 10 pm. I got exactly two hours of sleep in between shifts. I was too wound up to sleep. Before I went to work, I decided to call Boss #1 and ask her if the rumor was really true--yeah, I know, I should have done that right in the beginning. But I couldn't get ahold of her. So I went to work and the woman I worked with was really nice and helpful and kept me busy all evening. By the time the night was over, my back was killing me, but I was willing to take the job. I knew all the residents by name, and managed to talk to all but one of them. I knew the names and faces of all but two employees AND I knew the layout of the home, which believe me, was a freaking nightmare. Residents were scattered all over the building. Several of them asked me when I'd be back and they were really encouraging. Well, the ones that weren't on heavy meds...
I got four hours of sleep and woke up Friday morning to go back to my "first" job to give notice and finish out my shifts. (In three days, I had eight hours of sleep, but I was running on adrenaline. It finally hit me BIG TIME last night.) Before the boss was up, I went to put her paper on her chair and saw a bank statement laying on her desk. Yes, I looked. I admit it. Then I called my co-worker and asked if she had heard anything else about the job. I never said anything about the bank statement to her, but let's just say reading it, I knew I had jumped the gun. She said she asked OT H one more time about the job and she gave her the same story: she heard the boss crying and asked her what was wrong and she said she had to go to a home. Then OT H said to my co-worker, "Don't tell Goddess, but we're going to lose our jobs at the end of this month after Easter." Immediately the whole "don't tell Goddess" thing had me intrigued. Why didn't she want me to know? Was it because she would take great delight in me falling on my face? Yeah, I'm sure she would. Was it because she wanted my co-worker to quit so she could take all of her nightshifts and finally dump dayshift, which she hates, and which is what my co-worker has been saying for months? Or was it because she knew I'd ask?
When I questioned her on this, she said, "OT H told me not to tell you because if you mentioned it to the boss,
she might not get a good reference because she couldn't keep her mouth shut about their business." As IF that twit DESERVES a good reference!
I called the boss and told her what OT H said, and her response was, "That's a bunch of BULLSHIT! What the hell is wrong with her?!" [I found out later that she and OT H had a huge argument the previous day.] She guesstimates that we have about five more months of work, God willing that my boss stays healthy. SOOOOO, I called Mr. G at work and we discussed it. He said he was supportive of whatever I decided because after hearing all the things that went on at work, he realized working in the nursing home wasn't as "EASY" as his mother kept saying it was. Hell, it's easy for her, she's just sitting there watching tv! She doesn't see what goes on in all the resident's rooms. But I didn't want Mr. G to do what he did when this came up last week. The first thing he said was, "You should have found something new back in December when you first heard she was running out of money."
I said, "Yeah, BUT I would have lost 2/3's of my income had I done it back then, and I don't think it's worth it."
He said that to me about ten times last weekend. When I pointed that out, he said, "I know I shouldn't have said that. You brought in a lot of money in January and February."
I decided to tell the woman at the nursing care home that I had changed my mind and why--that wasn't easy, but I was polite and I apologized twice for any inconvenience. Since they've been losing workers left and right, I don't think it's the first time this has happened.
One HUGE downside to working at the home is this: it's a minimum care facility [meaning most of the residents are able to care for themselves, but might need help dressing and bathing] and she has people there that do not belong there. Out of the 23 residents, about 10 of them have no control of their bladder/bowels. So my back was really sore for two days after lifting and rolling some of the residents. I was also incredibly depressed by the fact that the women employees are exactly the same as at my "first" job, but on a grander scale because there are more of them. The first shift I had they talked about people on the other shifts, and on the second shift I worked, they were talking about the person they had worked with the day before. UGH. This is why I'd like to get a job with guys. They don't play these bullshit games. Except for the gays.
One "feminine gay man" (think Jack on Will & Grace. think Richard Simmons) has the drama equivalent of 300 hetero men. Sorry, gays, but you know it's true!
I pointed out to Mr. G that there are no guys working at the home and that I thought the male residents would feel more comfortable with other men.
He said, "Nah, I think they enjoy showing the women their penises." Sigh.
One of the funny things that happened at the home: I was talking to one of the mentally retarded women who lives there.
I told her my name and that I was going to be working there. This was around 11 pm on the first night. For some odd reason, a lot of the residents seem to get up around 5 am and start watching tv. I was walking through the living room and she was sitting on the couch, and I said, "Are you up already?! It's too early to watch tv."
She looked at me and said, "HEY! There was a girl here last night that looked just like you!"

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm just glad there's still people in America that give a shit about old folks. Someday I might be in one of those homes.

Yeah, the OT H put the screws to you.

So put them back!:)