Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i only want to see if you're ok when i'm not around

I think my desktop computer finally died. I can't believe it! It was ONLY 9 years old! Every time I try to start it up, it starts bringing up all these drivers that need installed, like my printer and it keeps starting in DOS mode. I tried messing with it, but I'm sick of dealing with it. I immediately started campaigning for a new one, but you know how Mr. G is....sigh. I ended up buying a wireless mouse for him to use on my laptop, but the way he's banging the keys is giving me a headache.
I keep trying to explain to him that the laptop is more sensitive than the old desktop keyboard was. Oy. Every five minutes I'm rushing into the room going, "Honey, don't push those keys so hard! I can hear you in the bedroom."
Then he says, "Ok," and goes right back to banging the keys! I'm guess I'm a tad more protective of my sweet, little laptop, but she's been veddy, veddy goot to me! Besides, she's all I have now that the desktop is kerplooey.

This pisses me off. Some guy wrote to the paper about Hilary Clinton and he said, "It is obvious that Clinton is cold and calculating. Her bid for the Senate representing New York was premeditated for her eventual bid for the White House." Well DUH. If Hilary hadn't run for Senator, jerks like this would be the first ones to say she had no experience. And if this had been a M.A.N., her actions wouldn't be seen as "cold and calculating." They'd be seen as smart and thoughtful, the actions of a man who took the time to carefully plot out his political future. Now I don't know who I'm going to vote for. I don't want Obama, but I sure as hell don't want another Republican in office.
I can't stand McCain.


Anonymous said...

See, this is what pisses me off about the bias against women with careers. They can't be aloof because they have to sensitive and nurturing, and they can't be calculating because they have to be respectful of men and not over reach lest she be thought of as greedy and a ball buster. Women like Hillary scare the shit out of men because she doesn't apologise for wanting a demanding career, responsibility up the wazoo, and wants to be the ultimate leader.

Most men assume they can be president if they want to be just because they are born male, but all bets are off if woman runs for that same job, a job they would never be qualified for in a million years beyond gender. Men are delusional, and that's because society intentionally raises them that way. I don't care who your mother is, my own mother raised five boys the very same way, and she raised us girls very differently. We were discouraged from having a lifelong career goal aside from motherhood. Blech.

Hillary wouldn't be my choice, either, but only because I have followed her for years now and I know her biggest downnside is a history of aligning and surrounding herself with the wrong kinds of advicers who routinely advise her to make the worst choices, so in my book that's not very politically astute of her. Let's hope she's put all of that behind her when she hit the oval office. *crossing fingers*


BBC said...

Can't you plug the desktop keyboard into the laptop? That's what I do when using my laptop.

It sounds to me like you just need to reinstall the operating system on the desktop. Or maybe boot up in safe mode and do a system restore to an earlier date when it was working properly.

To start up in safe mode keep hitting the F8 key when booting it up, but I suppose you already know that.

But first, while in safe mode do a complete system scan to find out if there is any bad sectors on the HD.

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Nine-years-old, eh? Time for a new one. Don't bother slapping a bandaid on this one because this is just the beginning of the end. It must be like wading thru pea soup to get that old shoe to do anything for you! Accept it and move on. None of the parts are worth the metal they may contain, and I'm surprised the hd has lasted this long. You must be very good to your pcs. Sorry if this news makes you cry. :-)


Anonymous said...

Also, the age of the PC suggests to me that the keyboard she uses has a PS2 connector now a USB 2.0 connector, BBC, so that idea was great in theory but won't work in practicality. However, just a keyboard can be easily bought for $20 from your local PC shop and will plug into one of your USB ports easily enough, so keep that in mind, Goddess.


*Goddess* said...

Yeah, the desktop doesn't have USB 2 ports--I found that out when I wanted to use a flash drive--but I didn't know I could plug in a regular keyboard the laptop. Thanks for letting me know that, Stacey.

And no, I'm not attempting to fix it in the least. I want to spring for a new one while I'm still working. Hell, nobody uses Win 98 anymore! I can't upgrade to a newer system because I only have a 6.5 gig hdd and it's full. And no,I'm not adding an external because it's just too doggone old to concern myself with it.

I think it would be clumsier--at least for me--but I'll see if he'd be happier with it. Lord knows I would be happier with him using it....LOL!

*Goddess* said...

BTW, Stacey, you're dead on about the way our mothers raised us. My brother was encouraged to go to college while we were not. I was just saying to someone yesterday that I cannot recall her EVER asking me what I wanted to be when I was younger. It was just expected that I'd marry and raise babies till I died. Weeeeeeee!

Mushy said...

I know...there's no changing your mind - some people just need Government to tell them what they can and can't do!

I suppose it's easier going through life not having to make your own decisions.

*Goddess* said...

Nah, I just think it's nice going through life with a few personal freedoms...which the current Republican administration seems to have taken away from us:) Add to the fact that billions go to Iraq every month, yet any thing for the U.S. citizens is considered "frivolous spending," and I'm more than sick of Bush and his cronies.