Saturday, March 29, 2008

healthy living

If you're interested in healing your body naturally, bookmark Mike Adam's NaturalNews site.

If you take cholesterol lowering meds, here's an interesting article. How deceiving those commercials can be, huh?

Here's a good article on the dangers of dryer sheets, something you might want to keep in mind if you have young children. It wasn't until recently that I realized the dryer sheets I was using caused me to wake up congested every morning. Thank God summer is here and I can use good old Mother Nature to dry my sheets and pillowcases.

And yet another good article on antibiotics and how they do NOT cure yeast infections. I know for a fact they don't cure bacterial infections and yet the doctors just keep shoving them at you until you gradually wise up and find alternative, healthy cures.


BRUNO said...

I think antibiotics are still quite useful for BACTERIAL, but not VIRAL, infections---or at least, they work good on ME! Now, as for YEAST infections, antibiotic treatment would likely make it worse, and possibly could be the cause of such, to start with!

(Got my medical degree from a "government-agency"---the POSTAL service! Sent off for the course, and three lessons, and $200 bucks later, I'm a doctor! Ain't life grand?)

*Goddess* said...

Unfortunately I got my degree from the school of hard knocks. The dr gave me antibiotics to "cure" a urinary tract infection but not only did they NOT cure it, they CAUSED a yeast infection, something I have NEVER had in my life. I kept going around in circles until I finally stopped going to the doctor and started researching and doing natural stuff until I got OFF their damn merry-go-round.
Same deal when I had a bacterial infection. They gave me antibios and said it would "cure" it. WRONG. After the second or third round, the doctor admitted to me that with some women it's NEVER cured and they have to take the medicine for months and months. Again, dumped it and did the natural cures on my own.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

This is an excellent post, as well as helpful! It seems everybody wants "the magic pill" and results now, as "we're too busy."

While we've all had more than our share of crappy Doctors, I would caution that not all medications are bad, just as not all organic methods work.

Good Post!!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, Dan'l, and I would have agreed had I actually had any meds that have really worked for me...LOL! Seems all the ones I've had made bigger problems for me. Thankfully, I haven't had to take that many over my lifetime.

Lin said...

Awww ... GREAT one, Goddess! I just bookmarked this site. I've been convinced for a while that over-scripping of antibiotics and improper application (I'll just take one - like an aspirin) would land us in this mess of culturing super-resistant bacteria and even viruses. As a result, we now have MRSA but not enough new antibiotics in the test and approval pipeline to keep ahead of their adaptation rate. If you get a chance, pick up this book called "Herbal Antibiotics" by Buhner (I got mine recently through Lehman's). It was written in '99 and he predicted exactly what has happened since.