Saturday, March 15, 2008

everybody aqua doodle!

I received my paycheck from the work I'd done at the personal care home. How freaking depressing. Two sixteen hour
days and I only made 2/3's of the amount of money I need to buy a new laptop battery for $150. Minimum wage to take care of people's every need.

I was watching Men In Trees, and Jack asked Marin to move in with him. They've been sexing it up off and on since the show started. While laying in bed after yet another sexual encounter, she said, "I have to admit I'm nervous about skipping over the dating part. I mean, we hardly know each other."
And that, in a nutshell, is what's wrong with so many relationships today. People give away the most intimate part of themselves to people they don't really know.
On a side note, I have to say I LOVE Lauren Tom's portrayal of Mai Washington on MIT. She's quirky, irreverant and funny, and I wish more eps would revolve around her.

OMG. As if tv show choices aren't bad enough....


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Minimum wage to take care of people's every need.
We rank dead last in taking care of our elderly. Your pay shows how much we're worth to America.

BBC said...

To make money at home care you have to freelance.

I have observed that a lot of women can't decide if they love a man until they have had sex with him. Then if they like the sex they take on some sick attachment to him and call it love. *rolls eyes*

*Goddess* said...

"Elderly"..."we"??!! Hey, hey now!

Hate to tell ya this, Billy, but I AM freelancing and there's no money there. It amazes me the people who will pay a company $15 an hour and balk at paying a "freelancer" minimum wage. Go figger.