Friday, March 07, 2008

chicken man! he's everywhere! he's everywhere!

Extra points if you know what that post title refers to.....

I finally got to see Chicken Run. Who knew chickens were so damn handy with tools?! And who knew so many of them spoke with British accents?

My favorite lines from the DVD were:

Chicken #2: "The fences aren't just 'round the farm. They're up here--in your heads."

Chicken #1: "Were you out for a holiday?"
Chicken #2: "I was in solitary confinement!"
Chicken #1: "Always nice to have time to yourself."

Chicken #2: "We'll either die free chickens or die trying."
Chicken #1: "Are those the only choices?"


BRUNO said...

Ahh, yes---the "Crusading-Capon"!!!

Although, the one I'm referring to was a daily, 5-minute radio "program" on the former KXOK 630 AM radio station out of St. Louis, MO in the mid-seventies. "He" also had a side-kick, but damned if I can remember the name!

But, that ain't the one you're talkin' about here, is it?(You're just a young KID, anyway...!!!)

*Goddess* said...

YES! The syndicated radio show!! "The most fantastic crime fighter the world has EVER known!" I don't remember a side kick but I remember Miss Hellfinger:)

Lin said...

Oh crud, I didn't even come close - all I could come up with was "Savoir Faire is everywhere!" I'll go crawl back under my rock now ... sigh.

BRUNO said...

NO SHIT??? Damn---thought I was the only one who enjoyed that "show"! And, you're right, it was a syndicated show, now that you've made me think of it!

I could swear that the "Crusading-Capon" had a sidekick, maybe not. But, I DO remember Miss Hellfinger, because I thought at the time: "Wonder how they got that one past the censors?"

That was racy stuff in THOSE days...!

(I'm gonna "google-it", and see what it turns up!)

BRUNO said...

"Google" it, my dear Goddess---it's well worth the effort! And then go ask Mushy if HE'S heard of the Chickenman---ten dollars says he listened to it on the Armed Forces Radio Network just like we all did!