Thursday, February 21, 2008

why I hate kias!!!!

Kia pisses me off. Once again. My Rio is only an '02 and I've been waiting 14 days for the inner door lock assembly with no arrival date in sight. They PROMISED it would be in within 7 days.

Now what cheeses me off is the place they ordered this part from just sent me a brochure touting the opening of their "state of the art" Kia repair shop. Um, hello? Just get my fricking part in, will ya? I can't help but wonder what they'd do if I took it to their place to get fixed, but I'm not spending all the extra $ to pay for their "state of the art" facility.

I'm concerned that it's difficult to get parts for a car that's only five years old. I know the idea behind a Kia is that you drive it for five years then crumple it up and toss it in the garbage, but some of us are trying to hang on, especially since it only has 32 K miles on it!

It was bad enough that our Spectra had to sit at the garage for SIX WEEKS while we waited for a gas tank from Korea THAT NEVER CAME. I could understand that a little more since the Spectra is a '97. But parts for a five year old car should NOT be this difficult to obtain. YOU SUCK BIG TIME, KIA!!! This is definitely our last piece of Korean Krap, especially since I'm seeing others online who are having the same door lock problems with their Rios. Fricking defects. Of all the different cars we've owned, we have never had a problem with the door lock sticking like this. And some of our cars were 12 or 13 years old when we got rid of them.


BRUNO said...

You're absolutely right. Those Chinese-made Fords will be MUCH BETTER! Or maybe a Made in Mexico Chevrolet. And, God only knows where Chryslers' will be made in a few more years.

Guess we should settle for one of those American-made Toyotas, eh???

*Goddess* said...

Well we do have a Chinese made Ford, as does my daughter, and she has over 100k miles on it. I'll be lucky to get to 90 at this rate.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

KIA's aren't noted for being the best car on the road, but It could always be worse. I lived in Michigan when this happened, it is a true story!