Sunday, February 17, 2008

what to do if you're stopped by the po-leece

Here's a very interesting series of videos to show your teenage driver--or to watch yourself if you've never been stopped--and it tells you step by step what the police will do during a traffic stop and why they're doing it.

It doesn't hurt that Investigator Shaun Appler is a hottie:)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I was SO sure that doughnut under the registration thing would work!! LOL! Wish I'd thought of that.:)

The thing that always amazes me, is the people that run when the bubble gum comes on! They're faster than a network or radios, apparently.

BBC said...

No teens here but that is an interesting link, next I'm going to watch how to deliver a baby.

I've never been pulled over many times by the cops but I always treated them with respect when I was, and they in turn treated me with respect.

There was no point in being a snot when I was doing something wrong, just be a man and put my big boy shorts on.