Monday, February 18, 2008

the train is coming down the track, the train is bringing my baby back

I wanted you to see how close I was to the railroad tracks where I USED to walk the dog. Actually I can walk right up ONTO the tracks, and I have no idea why they don't have that closed off. Great way for some lunatic to kill themselves by walking in front of a train.

<----The train is coming down the tracks. I'm just sorry I couldn't switch to video fast enough. I love the unmistakable "clickety clack" sound of a train, and it would have been cool to post a snippet of it.

<--Don't ask me what you're looking at here. Let's go with 'two train cars.' Hey! My name isn't Bruno!

<--I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this little, old wooden church. It amazes me that our Catholic churches all have to be huge and full of marble and the finest statues Rome can build. Yet, I'm sure Jesus heard these believers every bit as clearly in this simple church house.


Mushy said...

They can even be heard outside a house!

BBC said...

Jesus didn't go to those big fancy churches. Jesus didn't go to any churches.

And he didn't ask anyone to build churches in his name after him. It's too bad that he didn't write so that he could state what he believed, or maybe history today would be a lot different today.

Jesus was a cranky drunk that was poring the pork to Mary, and those christians need to get the fuck over that.

Lin said...

I LOVE those photos! Something so comforting about old train 'n tracks and old buildings and churches.

Is it just me or are you disappointed by the disappearance of the red caboose? Now there's no one at the end to wave back - bummer.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Like most all kids, I loved trains but never lived close enough to really see any. So when we had to stop at a train crossing, I was in hog heaven.:)

Then, when I got married, we moved to a house where a train ran straight across the edge of the yard - literally, three time4s a week. Since the railroad owned the property for a few feet each way of the tracks, it quickly became overgrown with weeds in the summer. During dry spells, I used to leave a hose ran out there, to put out the small fires sparks from the wheels caused.

BBC said...

When I was a kid we lived by a train depot for a while. Just try getting some sleep... Argh !!!

BRUNO said...

Aww, give me a challenge, already! That car in front(to the left)is just your everyday gravity-flow hopper car, could be for coal, probably for raw ore of some sort. The one in back of it appears to be an ACF-"Pressure-Aid", uses compressed air to pressurize the sealed compartments, and empty them through those big outlets on the bottom. Used for flour, corn meal, etc.---anything dry, and powdered.

Hell, I probably made parts of that bastard! I only helped assemble about 5000 of those outlets at one time---at least SOME of them had to end up in service...!