Tuesday, February 12, 2008

play that funky music, white boy

Whoa. My car slid twice on the way to work this morning. Pretty good considering that's the first time I've slid all winter.
It's so hard though, to take your foot off the gas and not instinctively apply the brake. But I did! I'm learning
that in the winter, brakes can be my enemy!! I'm really pleased at how well my little Rio goes in the winter
with studded tires. Especiall considering my co-worker's husband had to grind the whole way up the street
and he has a Jeep with four wheel drive. I think a lot of people get 4 wheel drive
and crappy old tires and think they can go anywhere in any kind of weather. Surprise.

Last night, moments after I snuggled under the covers, Female Offspring #6 came into my room, shook me
and said, "Pssst, Mom, are you still awake? Cuz I need 50 cupcakes for tomorrow morning.
We're having a Valentine's Day party. I might have forgotten to mention it."
I was very proud of myself. I didn't get all spastic and start screaming about her procrastination problem.
I didn't kvetch about how long it would take me to whip up batter and bake 5o cupcakes when I only own one cupcake pan.
I didn't yell about how I already baked once this year, and how I felt that was enough.
I didn't even get upset. I simply got up and walked into the kitchen. There
I found Male Offspring #1, and told him to get in the car and drive around until he found 50 cupcakes. That's me: a problem solver.
I also told him that if he didn't find them, he needn't come home. You know, tough love and all that b.s.
Well, he found them and guess what? School was cancelled today because of inclement weather.
I called at lunch time and guess what they were doing? Eating cupcakes.

My sister and I used to discuss The Young and The Restless all the time, so she was upset when I told her
I wasn't watching anymore. She called me last night and asked me to watch again, assuring
me that it was "getting good." So I tuned in today. On the show there's a guy named Victor
who had a son with Hope and they named him Victor Jr., so it stands to
reason it would appear that way on his birth certificate.
Hope and Vic Jr. moved away
but Victor visits them from time to time. Now Hope is dying and she said to Victor. "We
have to tell Victor Jr. you're his father. He doesn't know." The kid is like 23 years old. How damn
dumb does he have to be that he couldn't figure out his mother's friend Victor is his
dad when his name is Victor Jr?! Gawd, that's it. I'm out. Again. The writing on this show downright ridiculous.

I'm contemplating buying the COPS 20th Anniversary DVD edition. You know how I
lurves me some COPS, but the only thing holding me back is I recall just how crappy their "anniversary special" on tv was.
They picked some of the stupidest clips on the show. I was checking around on Froogle, and
I'm wondering just how reliable their information is. For instance, Froogle listed Fox was selling the DVD set for $27.98, but
when I went to their site, they were actually selling it for $23.98. They claimed Circuit City was
selling it for $17.99 when they were actually selling it for $19.99, as is Amazon. I was hoping
NetFlix would pick it up and I could check it out there first, but I don't see it on their list of DVD's.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

You know I was way ahead of you. They sell that shit at the sto. Send a rug rat to the sto. And it's just friggin' perfect that they got to sit at home and eat them. Perfect. Tell me you had a few.

*Goddess* said...

No, I didn't! I'm stuck here at work pulling a double shift, which means I won't get home till tomorrow evening...WHEN ALL THE CUPCAKES ARE GONE!!! Waaaaaaa.....

BBC said...

I don't know anything about Rio's. But I've driven on ice all my life so that I know about.

If it has an automatic transmission and front wheel drive get in the habit of kicking it into neutral when braking.

And put some weight in the back of it, front wheel drive cars are generally pretty light in the back and will spin around on you if you have to break hard, some extra weight helps stop that from happening.

Some tire shops won't put studded tires on a front wheel drive car unless they also put them on the back, makes sense to me.

4 wheel drive is not needed, just extra cost and maintenance. I've plowed snow with 2 wheel drive rigs, all it takes is extra weight for traction.

Mind you, a lot of extra weight, but it works. Well, I am a mechanic and drove race cars and can drive 18 wheelers past other stuck 18 wheelers but if I can do it others can also learn how to do it.

I'm living proof of that.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I think a lot of people get 4 wheel drive
and crappy old tires and think they can go anywhere in any kind of weather. Surprise.

Yep! It might help a little, but a two wheeler with good tires will walk right past them.

As a 4WD driver for many years, even worse are the G.D. fools that think 4WD drive will stop twice as fast! I've watched many climb right up the bumper in front of them..(: