Friday, February 15, 2008

i'll make you my dirty little secret

Marge to Homer, after he played hooky from work: "The plant called today and said if you don't come in tomorrow, don't bother to come in Monday."
Homer: "Wooo hooo! Four day weekend!" (The Simpsons)

On Valentine's Day--how apropos--I experienced my first "orgasm headache".

OMG, did that ever hurt. The disgusting thing is
that it hits full force the exact moment you're orgasming, thus robbing you of all the fun you've worked so hard to attain. It lasted about 45 seconds, and here's hoping it's the LAST one I get. The crappy thing is that now I'm rather hesitant to find out...

Because I had to work that extra shift on Tuesday, I actually managed to snag a Friday off. My first since Spring '07.
I told Mr. G that I wanted to go out to dinner because I was soooo hungry for seafood. Naturally, Female Offspring #1 decided to come in this weekend. I said, "You only came home because you knew we were going out to eat!"
She inherited the ability to smell a free meal from her dad. Apparently her skills are much more honed since she can smell one seventy miles away.
Their shrimp was delicious, as were their crab cakes, and guess what? They had pumpkin pie. Figures. Crappy pumpkin pie--you could tell it was just the frozen junk--so I went for the frozen coconut cream pie instead. Delish. After I sat down, I said, "Damn! I forgot to bring my camera so I could take a picture of my food for my blog!" I need to get my camera surgically attached to my body like Mushy and FHB.


Lin said...

You HAD to mention seafood, didn't you? I had planned to dig out the frozen shrimp and scallops, got sidetracked and that's all she wrote on our special dinner.

The good thing about the boonies is that no one is inclined to sense a good feed and show up. Heck, the National Guard would be hard-pressed to join us right now with these roads conditions just declared 'critical'.

BBC said...

"orgasm headache" ???

Hum, never heard of that before, what a bummer. Had so much sex with one lady in two weeks that my balls started hurting though.

Three orgasms a day in your fifty's can be hard on a body, it was worth it though. :-)

Ah, I'm in the mood for some good fish and chips.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, Mushy, Jeff, and their camera-phones! I just dread the day they start takin' action-shots from the bathroom!

Hey, that has to do with FOOD, too! Or at least the "end-result" of it...!

Mushy said...

Had an "orgasm headache" once myself...have also passed out twice, but it went back for more...later.