Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hello i must be going

Phew! Thank God I learned my lesson the last time I lost my bookmarks and backed them up. I opened FF today and guess what? NO BOOKMARKS AGAIN! Luckily, I created a bookmark file and I simply "imported" them.

Hmmm, apparently the site FelonSpy is a hoax. I wondered why I couldn't bring up the same names two times in a row. Not to mention the fact that there were tons of "gang members" in my area. The only gang in this little corner of the world is made up of elderly people who all eat bran for breakfast.

I just finished watching Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married". I have to admit, it was a pretty doggone good movie. I mistakenly thought it was a comedy though. I guess because so much of his other stuff is humorous. It was the story of four couples who met once a year to "work on their relationships." Only this year seemed to be the year everyone's marriage was falling apart. One guy got pissed off and began telling everyone's secrets and it all started unraveling. Good couples movie.


BRUNO said...

Yeah, I noticed that right away about FelonSpy. Not sure exactly WHAT kind of site it is, but it sure ain't of use to me. Wonder sometimes if it's not some sort of "phishing" site?

Hell, according to them, I've got at least three killers livin' in the 60-acre wheat field behind me---and, dammit, they didn't even include ME...!

BBC said...

Well, I got married because I believe in marriage. But what do I know?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, I wonder about that site too. There was anothe rone I looked at once that showed me all the sex offenders in my neighborhood. Always wonder. What would be the motivation? Trying to sell more alarm systems?

And I've lost my links a few times too. Huge bummer. Saved them.