Thursday, February 21, 2008

daydream believer

I read too many romance novels. I was reading this article today concerning jobs, and I thought, "If I could live anywhere on this list, it would be Montana or Wyoming. I gotta have those green trees, Lin!

I'd move to one of those really small towns--not for the job, though, because at this point, I'll be independently wealthy, really skinny and have GREAT boobs that kiss the sun. [Instead of dragging the floor.] I'll live in a town that's so small that it only has a sheriff and one deputy--both single, lonely and hott for older women--to patrol the entire county. Hopefully, they'll both be willing to "patrol me" at the same time.

You'll notice I'm using the word "I" because Mr. G has decided he wants to live in Alaska. No way in hell! So since he has virtually ABANDONED me, I'll need "companionship". (That's sex without having to pick up after them.) I pretty much have this all figured out--except for the independently wealth part and the uplifted boobs.


BRUNO said...

Why, Alaska has TREES. And, plenty of SUN---24/7, for about what, 4 months out of the year? Never know the difference between NIGHT shift, and DAY shift! And, PRIVACY? Don't see the issue there! Now, you may need to TRIPLE your current income, so's you don't STARVE to death up there, but, hey...!!!

*Goddess* said...

Ok, fine. Here's the truth. I'm afraid to leave the United States for fear they won't let me back in again!