Monday, February 11, 2008

book 'em, dano

Male Offspring #2's father will be released from jail this week--he was arrested for breaking into a porn shop--and he called saying he wanted to see his son. At first, I was totally against it.
I mean who's stupid enough to break into a porn store when you can download it for free on the internet? And with the low quality of porn these days...puhleeze. (However, cop porn is a totally different story!) Talk about bad decision making.
Then I relented. Precious and few are the moments those two can share, and all that crap. Besides, if things go the way I expect them to, he'll be back in jail by the end of this month. Probably for breaking into a library.

Was that sour grapes on Natalie Cole's breath after the Grammy's last night?
She objected to Amy Winehouse's wins saying, "She doesn't deserve it...she should
get her life together first, then get the awards. You don't get awarded for bad behavior." Amy wasn't "rewarded for bad behavior." She was rewarded for her songs. I love "Rehab," and just because Amy is screwed up at the moment, that doesn't mean her musical accomplishments should be ignored.
If bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded, maybe they should yank Kayne West's Grammysbecause instead of being happy with the awards he won, he was pissed and pouting about the one he didn't win.

Geez Louise, now I know why the post office doesn't update it's tracking info often.
Amazon actually updated mine and I see that my book arrived in Warrendale, PA on the 7th.
(Ironically, the same day the carrier was notified to pick up the book.
Three guesses as to what state the book was shipped from.)
It was mis-sorted on the 9th (grrrrrrr..inept employees) and
it left Warrendale on the TENTH. WTH happened on Friday the 8th?!
Was the (mis)sorter dude busy screwing up somebody else's order? These postal employees need to stop smoking dope on their break. Be professional. Smoke it at home like everybody else.
So let's recap, shall we? The book was sent out from my own state, it's in a post office an hour and 45 minutes from here, and seven days later, it still hasn't arrived.


BBC said...

So you smoke dope at home?

Well, I don't care where you smoke dope, it still makes you a dope.

Just saying, carry on then.

*Goddess* said...

Billy, Billy, Billy, I said "be professional" and smoke it at home. Do I strike you as being particularly professional?

BBC said...

I don't know how you strike me at times. LOL

Ah, but I guess it's a two way street, I'm sure that you don't know what to make of me at times.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Pssst, Mom, are you still awake? Cuz I need 50 cupcakes for tomorrow morning.
'S the price of fame, Dear. Imagine how bored you'd be if you weren't Rodney Dangerfield's Sister!:)