Thursday, January 10, 2008

we've got to tell the king the sky is falling down

I watched Chicken Little last night. It was cute, especially the ending when Hollywood stepped in and made a movie of the falling sky incident. In typical Hollywood fashion, NONE of the actors looked anything like the "people" they portrayed. The pig, which was portrayed by a SWAT type hog, said, as he watched his character in awe, "This is amazingly accurate!"
My favorite part was when Chicken Little was on his way to school and he got stuck in gum on the street. He told Abby Mallard, "I had a run in with my old nemesis." She said, "Gum in the crosswalk?" Chicken Little said, "He won this round." LOL.
Then when they were playing dodge ball,the gym coach said, "Divide into two teams: the popular and the unpopular."
Why is it though, that in most of these "children's movies" one or both of the parents are dead?
As far as voices go, I think Joan Cusack and Steve Zahn are really good in these animated movies.


Anonymous said...

The creatives behind Chicken Little are also behind Wallace & Gromit. Joe and I have been huge into Wallace & Gromit lately. I'm Wallace (for obvious reasons) and he's Gromit (because he's always poo-poohing my brilliant ideas and cleaning up my messes when said ideas don't pan out as expected). We even call each other by these pet names privately now. It's cute. :-)

Cheese, Gromit, cheese!!!


*Goddess* said...

I've heard of Wallace and Gromit, but I've never watched them. Now I'll have to look for them.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Someone actually gave me Wallace and Gromit recently. Chicken Run is also hilarious, made by the same people. My favorite animated film ever though is Wizards. Ever seen that?

*Goddess* said...

Did you like W & G, FHB? I'll have to look on YouTube to see what they're like.

Oooo, Chicken Run! Thanks, I'll add that one. I remember wanting to see it when it came out and I never did get the chance.

Is Wizards an older one? Like the 90's?

Lin said...

You guys are making me jealous with all this animation watching - I adore animations!!!
I saw a bit of Wallace and Gromit years ago and I thought it was completely charming.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

we've got to tell the king the sky is falling down
We've tried and we've tried...but he's deaf!! You didn't mean that one? Oh........