Saturday, January 26, 2008

well i'm a bad ass cowboy living in the cowboy days

We were watching some eps of the first season of the Wild, Wild West last night. As we watched, I realized I only remembered three things about the series:
1. Robert Conrad was SMOKIN' in that sexy short waistcoat he always wore. Not an ounce of fat on that body.
2. They had cool gadgets to get out of any situation
3. The show had a catchy theme song

Course Will's song was rather cool, too...

As was Cartman's....LOL!

Speaking of Cartman, this is one of my all time favorite South Park clips, where they go a little crazy on the F word after seeing the Terrance and Phillip movie:


Lin said...

They're bringing back Wild, Wild West?!! Oh yeah, Robert Conrad was definitely smokin' HOT.

BBC said...

LOL, great post !!!

I love the South Park clip.

Yeah, who doesn't want to be a bad ass cowboy? Permit? We don't need no stinking permit!

*Shoots up the whole damn town and rides toward the hills with the money, women and booze*

BBC said...

Here is a good one, loved it. Get a gun and be your own cop. The world is getting to be an uglier place and self protection is something you are entitled to.
Self Protection

H2o said...

South Park rocks...I love f words and all. :)

H2o said...

That should have been I love them f words and all. I have my stupid on right now.