Friday, January 18, 2008

put another log on the fire

This is one weekend I'm glad I'm working nights. It's supposed to be bitter cold and the boss always keeps her place nice and cozy. Mmmmmmmmm....h--e--a--t.

You know what part of the cloned human story I don't believe? That they were destroyed.
Scientists are too egotistical and they enjoy playing God too much to do all that work and then destroy it.

I see Time Warner is going to try charging people for bandwidth based on usage and not charge the usual flat fee, so it would be based on how much they download. Glad I don't have them. I don't think I'd like that, and I like knowing my wifi is a certain cost each month.I know I don't download much of anything anymore because it seemed like every time I did, I was getting a virus. But knowing how much my internet is ahead of time Helps me budget better. I remember when we first got the computer and Gateway charged by the hour. We had 150 hours free, then we were charged. One month's usage for DIAL UP cost me $95. They told us there was no way for us to be able to track how much we were using online each month unless we did it manually by writing down the time. And yet, THEY could keep track. I dumped that service right quick. Heck I could have purchased about 5 months of dial up at that price.

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Lin said...

I was going to say that a $95 bill for dial-up would have given me the big one but realized that's not far from what we have now as far as cost and service quality. They must LOVE a captive audience.