Monday, January 07, 2008

monday monday sometimes it just turns out that way

What ungrateful offspring I have. They're still complaining about their crappy Christmas gifts! I finally said to
Female Offspring #5, the biggest whiner, "When I was your age, all I got for Christmas was a big cardboard box!"
Male Offspring #2 said, "What was in the big box to begin with?"
Me: "Uhhhh, well, my brand new bike with high handle bars and a gold
banana seat with sparklies. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!! I loved that box!"

Don't you love those Visa commercials where everything is moving smoothly
until someone pulls out CASH and puts a spanner in the works, and everything grinds to a halt? Why don't they show what happens when someone steals your Visa card? Let's see that that brings everything to a stop.

Mr. G and I went grocery shopping on Sunday and I bought one of those fancy schmancy
panini sandwiches I keep seeing advertised. I will admit it was delicious, but
putting sauce, cheese and mozzarella cheese on a slice of toasted bread is what we call a 'po' man's pizza'.

I hate it when I email a random blogger I'm not really familiar with about something on their blog, and they immediately slap me on their mailing list and start sending me daily emails. We haven't even established a "blogging relationship" yet! This one person has begun sending me daily emails full of "what's coming next on my blog" and "positive thoughts". Here's MY positive thought: I positively wish he'd stop sending me this crap! I've read many times that the way to boost your readership is via a regular email newsletter list, but if people want to join that should always be their perogative. I only read the guy once or twice, but these emails are so annoying that I won't go back now. Jokes are fine, but this sort of stuff is not cool unless someone requests it. Period. BTW, I think the most important part of a newsletter is the UNsubscribe information! Naturally, his doesn' t have it.

You know how I love to watch the animated kid's movies like The Polar Express and Cars and Over The Hedge? Truth is they're usually better than most mainstream movies these days. I checked NetFlix's suggestion list in this genre, and Ratatouillie rated rather high, so I decided to rent it. What in the world was Pixar thinking with this flick? No way in HELL am I able to suspend disbelief so much that I can accept RATS COOKING MY FOOD. Sorry. It's not happening. I was OK with the movie up to that point, although it was waaaay too long. This is one of the first movies of this genre that bored me. Then made my stomach a tad queasy.


SpongyBones said...

HEY each and every email I send you I am charging your VISA card $1.50 .... and splitting it with your offspring!

Fast I know ... but dating sucks! Besides your old man would find out and then how would I pay for my 900 calls!

BBC said...

"Don't you love those Visa commercials where everything is moving smoothly"

Um, don't watch much TV, so I don't know what is on it for the most part.

BRUNO said...

It just takes a "click" of the mouse to block such mail.

Yeah, if only life was REALLY as smooth as the VISA commercial---oh, how we can only dream, huh?

I'll have to agree with BBC on this one---I'm not much of a TV person myself. Of course, the sports are "open-game" for me, especially in the winter. Maybe after this damned election, I'll turn it back on, to see how much longer my VISA card will be working....!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"I think the most important part of a newsletter is the UNsubscribe information! Naturally, his doesn' t have it."

Betcha!! If I didn't join/ask for it, it's bleeping SPAM, and whatever blogger sent it goes off my blog roll faster than they can say oops!