Wednesday, January 02, 2008

is my box hott or not?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that televisions are going to switch from analog to digital broadcasting on February 17, 2009. If you don't have a digital ready tv, you need a converter box. The government is giving a $40 coupon for the boxes and you can apply for one online by going to or by calling 1-888-388-2009. The boxes are going to cost between $50 and $70.


Mushy said...

Probably, but we'll never know.

BRUNO said...

Do we need a coupon for YOURS, too?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

That title should get you a few hits.:) My wife and I have discussed this at length, and agree on one thing: Paying for double the ads on TV (cable) is bad enough; it'll be a cold day in hell when we'll buy a new TV OR pay even more to watch said commercials! They can shove Digital up their....hott box.:)

*Goddess* said...

You guys get your minds off of my box!!!

Ok, Dan'l, how do you propose to watch tv then without the damn box?! I don't know if I'm reading this incorrectly or not, but I thought they were saying those with pay services WON'T need the converter, regardless of the tv. That doesn't seem right, though.

BRUNO said...

Hell, I ordered TWO "box coupons"---and I don't even live in Utah!(Didn't get that one, huh?)

But, seriously(HA! Fat chance of that!), concerning pay-view systems, I think you are reading it correctly---but I think THEY have it worded wrong. Not certain either, but I think if you still have the old ANALOG after the switch date, you still will need the box, because pay-per will have switched to DIGITAL, as well.

I agree with Future---why the hell can't they just leave it ALONE? Even our basically free radio is on the way out, IF they can ever figure a way to make ad-free broadcasting feasible! Yeah, let's just see how many REALLY want their commercials in digital-quality....!

*Goddess* said...

You're a polygamist now? Ar ar arrrrr.

I signed up for two coupons, and I don't even HAVE two tv's, but hell, they were free! Besides, I know Female Offspring #1 won't sign up and I'll have her tv covered, too. Since it's our old one, I KNOW it isn't digital ready.

Ok, I was under the impression that all older tv's needed the box, too, but they didn't make it sound that way. Glad you checked it out for me cuz I don't understand some of that stuff anyway:)