Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i'm still standing better than i ever could

Some days I'd love to slap my mother in law upside the head. All this fuss over Mr. G's sister getting everything good out of the house, and she never mentioned ONE WORD about the fact that the new mattress that went with our bed was moved UPSTAIRS and put on another bed until today. I flipped this mattress yesterday and I said to my husband, "if this is a new mattress, rarely used, how is it that there's coffee stains on it? And why is this "new" mattress so much flatter than ours that we bought like five years ago?" So when he was visiting her, he asked her about it, and she said, "Oh, your dad moved that mattress upstairs the first week we got it because he didn't like it." Wonderful. Now his sister managed to get a brand freaking new mattress and box spring set, too.

Ugh. After just four episodes of Here Come the Brides, I'm all brided out. Everything is drama with those chicks. "Get us a decent place to sleep or we're going home," "get us a doctor or we're going home," "get us husbands or we're going home." Freaking GO home already! Gawd, I must have liked Bobby Sherman a heck of a lot to put up with his stuttering, bashful logger character.

My gf is majorly pissed because her out-o-work husband is spending so much time in their new garage. I said, "First of all, he's home.
Leave him alone. Secondly, any time a guy puts a heat source in his garage, he plans to spend a LOT of time there."


H2o said...

She better count her blessing he's heating up the garage and not some woman.

BRUNO said...

Dammit!!! Somebody beat me to it, that's about what I was gonna say!

Tell 'er to leave 'im alone! Even us GUYS need a little bit of "no wives allowed" area, at times---especially if we were once "The King", when it came to bringin' home the bacon. Takes us a while to admit "The Queen" is now on "OUR" throne....!

Mushy said...

I sometimes tell my wife that "at least I'm home" when she brings up blogging! However, it doesn't seem to mean much!