Sunday, January 13, 2008

don't you wish your blog was hot(t) like mine?

Some celebrity needs to get out there and screw up big time, because if I see one more article devoted to that stupid Miley Cyrus "controversy," I'll spit nails....a talent that really only comes in handy if you're in roofing. So another chick stood in for her on stage for a few seconds while she was changing costumes. OMG! OMG! The world as we know it is OVER!!! One idiot actually said they felt "betrayed." Are you freaking kidding me?

Ok, now that I've seen some of Shaun of the Dead, I understand the ending
of Hot Fuzz better. They both had the same stupid over the top ending. Hey, I didn't say I liked it any better.
Heck, it's even the same two guys, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, something else I didn't know.

Over the weekend, I watched Wild Hogs and Shrek 3. Shrek 3 was funny. Wild Hogs with Tim Allen and John Travolta wasn't bad. Wasn't hilarious, and it was full of a lot of the typical motorcycle riding/motorcycle song scenes, but it wasn't horrible either. The scene that made me laugh was the four of them, Allen, Travolta, Macy and Lawrence against a gang of bikers. I thought, "Yeah, those middle aged dudes are going to whoop ass with all these bikers. Puhleeze." Then it dawned on me that Ray Liotta, the head gang dude, was probably every bit as old as Travolta and Allen! Martin Lawrence was the youngest of the group. I think it's always funny, though, when an actor gets the shit beat out of them in one scene, then before the scene is even over, they're up and walking around like it's no big deal. No trips to the E.R. No BandAids.
I do have to say that it's apparent in more ways than one that Tim Allen isn't a chick. If he was, there's NO WAY on God's green earth that he would have appeared shirtless without working out first. Ugh. His saggy man boobs and flabby arms did nothing to enhance the image of the "getting better as they age" male. It had more of a "ick factor".
My favorite scene was when Macy saw a biker's tattoo, then showed the biker his tattoo of the
Apple computer apple and said to him, "Nice tat. Where did you get it?"
The biker said, "Leavenworth. You?"
Macy replied, "Meadow Hills Galleria."
Another funny scene was when the sheriff and his men were hiding from the bikers, too.
When Allen asked him why they weren't going out to defend the townsfolk, the sheriff said, "Like the sheriff of a town of 500 people, I got my qualifications from a course on the internet. For arms training they told us to play "Doom". "
I had to laugh when Macy stepped off his bike and fell flat on his face after a long ride,
saying his legs had fallen asleep. Yeah, getting old is a bitch.
The Extreme Home Makeover ending was cute. The best scenes in the movie, though, were those featuring singer Kyle Gass at the fair. He was HILARIOUS singing The Pussycat Dolls hit, "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me."


Mushy said...

That dude is funny!

Did you happen to see Doyle and Debbie on Conan? Hilarious...I'll try to find it and post it on the Big S!

*Goddess* said...

Doyle and Debbie? No, I missed that. I'm usually in bed by the time Conan is on;)

Mushy said...

I found it!

Go to The'll be your new favorite song.

BRUNO said...

I didn't care for Shrek 3---too much "forced-humor"! Kinda like they're playin' it to the ADULT audience too much! Shrek 1 is hard to top!

Gawd, what a DEEP subject for conversation! Thank God for a bottle of "Fuzzy-Navel", and a five-dollar cigar---otherwise my life would be meaningless!

(Yes, I really DO like the "neutered-zing" of a Fuzzy Navel! Just not in public...!)

Lin said...

Goddess, apparently part of the Wild Hog movie was filmed in a small town in NM that we almost bought the old saloon in. Of course, I'll never see the movie so I couldn't tell you what part that town shows up in ... sigh.

BBC said...

Who in the hell is Miley Cyrus?

Oh, you watch TV, never mind. :-)