Tuesday, January 29, 2008

and the beat goes on

Did you ever have a day when you just feel totally off? Totally out of sync with everything and everyone around you? I've been having a week like that. Sigh.

It was fun getting to work today. The roads were slippy--there's a Western PA word for ya--and coated with ice. Lovely.
Sure, the weatherman can put out those repetitive "STORM WARNING" thingies
at the bottom of my screen when we're getting two inches of snow,
but they don't even mention ice.
It took me about five minutes to get out of my car and around the to trunk
because there was nothing to hang on to!

I bought some really cute sugar cookie magnets that spell out "EASTER" for the fridge.
They were so nice that I gave the package to Male Offspring #3 and told him to put them up on the fridge now.
Who cares if we haven't celebrated Valentine's Day yet?
He comes back a few minutes later and hands me the "A" and says, "Too many letters."
I said, "That's weird. There should only be six letters."
I went into the kitchen and saw the word "ESTER" on the fridge.
I knew it wasn't a good sign when he had to repeat pre-K.

TBS is running "Movies Women Want" on Sunday. "What Women Want" starring Mel Gibson? Are you kidding me?!
No woman in her right mind would watch that crap. Heck, even the movie trailers sucked. '

Our one neighbor went psycho on me when I was walking the dog the other day. Came out yelling about how she's peeing up onto his bushes. As calmly as possible I said, "How could that possibly be? My dog is FEMALE. She doesn't pee UP onto ANYTHING." THEN he said, "Well, she's coming in my yard and other dogs are smelling her so they're coming in here and peeing." I said, "Oooh, so it's my dogs fault that other dogs pee in your yard? That makes sense." Here's your sign. It reads "asshole" just in case ya didn't make it out of the third grade.


BBC said...

They don't have a lease law there?

We got three inches of snow the other day, I didn't drive anywhere that day, but I don't have to get to work. I can drive on it, I just don't trust others but they keep the body shops busy.

It's warmed up and is pretty much gone now.

*Goddess* said...

Leash laws? Well, here's the funny part: I'm walking her ON the leash when he's accusing her of peeing on his bushes! I said, "My dog isn't the only dog in the neighborhood." Actually the neighborhood is FULL of dogs, and he said, "Well, yours is the only one I see coming by here every day." What an idiot.

H2o said...

We know who really is peeing on the bushes. It's you and you know it. Just admit it.

*Goddess* said...

I wish I could! I'd sneak up there during the night and do it just to yank his chain. Sadly, I'm a "squatter," too.

BBC said...

You want me to pee on his bushes? It's a proven fact that pee is a good fertilizer.

Really, pee in a bucket and spread it around on your lawn and you will see.

*Goddess* said...

Well according to that dickhead it's killing his bushes. Probably find out it's cats spraying the damn things and not dogs at all.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Gee, and I thought I had it bad with Nutty Nora as a neighbour! Hey, is he single? Maybe I could introduce him to her..