Thursday, December 13, 2007

you're as cold as ice

View of my hillside in the backyard this morning after an ice storm. Notice how those couple of dead leaves continue to cling stubbornly to my tree? See those fuzzy, rust colored things at the bottom of the pic? Those are Japanese Knot Weed and I couldn't kill those f'ers if I dropped an atomic bomb on them. Lord knows, I've tried to kill them.


BRUNO said...

Indeed those leaves DO cling! Hell, if somebody stuck a limb up YOUR ass during an ice storm like than, YOU'D be "stuck-up there", too.....!!!

BRUNO said...

Sorry about the SPEL-ING---I've got a wrist-brace on for a while---old bones and cold don't mix HERE, either!!!

Mushy said...

If you are brave enough you can get some great sunrise shots through the trees with all that ice on them.

I once deer hunted when there was just a little more ice than that on the trees. I was almost like a Doc Zhivago movie!

The sun lit the forest like a million was wonderful. Then, I heard the crashing of ice and the breaking of frozen limbs and there appeared a nice buck...which I took home to momma!

I followed a frozen blood icicle trail to where he lay!

Lin said...

Uh-oh ... that storm nailed you already? That was the same stuff that went through here as rain, sleet and snow and buggered up the drilling rig's plans.
Hope you didn't lose power and tree limbs in the process.

BRUNO said...

I thought Mushy was gonna say that when he heard the "crashing of ice, and the breaking of frozen limbs", that he had fallen from his tree stand, during the hunt...!