Sunday, December 16, 2007

tis the season to be jolly

Getting to work this morning was a nightmare. We got sleet and freezing rain all night. I backed out of the garage and I could feel my tires sinking in. It had the consistency of sand. If some generous neighbor hadn't plowed our lane on their way home, I would have had a heck of a time getting up the hill.
Lord knows I can't depend on the township to plow it that early on a weekend. Again, thank God for studded tires! Getting home was lovely, too. It was snowing and winds were whipping up to 50 mph. When I got home, we had no
electricity. It was weird coming into the 'hood and seeing everything pitch black.

Well, well, well. I see my mortal enemy Celine Dion is leaving Las Vegas.
I TOLD you people I'd drive that woman out of Vegas like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland!!

I know Stacey said it wasn't possible, but last night I was working on my laptop
and decided to clean up the kitchen. When I was in the kitchen I had a hankerin' to bake
some gluten free brownies. (Yes, I'm still on that kick) I came back into the living room
and could not get a signal on my laptop. I did the whole reboot/shut off modem thing and
it wouldn't work. I turned off the oven, and shut down the modem for 30 seconds and it connected just fine. 'Splain that, gurl!

I know they're trying for a "hip 'tude" on E's Daily 10, but Debbie Matenhoweveryouspellhername
comes off as more phony and annoying than hip.
She's trying way too hard.

VH1 did their Top 40 videos of 2007. I'll give you a hint as to what Number One
was: Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." Ok, it was more than a hint.
Chelsea Whatshername on E! bestowed her "Train Wreck of the Year Award" to.......Britney Spears.
Wow. That came as a total surprise. She's been making such sound decisions lately.

I was totally surprised to see Carnie Wilson on Celebrity Fit Club. Just goes to prove that gastric bypass is not always an answer. Sometimes it's just a temporary solution and a big ole sign that our demons will continue to plague us one way or another, until we deal with them. It's rather sad, too, because gastric bypass is hard on your body, and to go through all of that only to have your problem
return would be very disheartening.

I was watching The Soup and a guy from one of the reality shows had to be taken to the hospital, and was filling out the form. First he read "marital status" as "marshall status," and asked what that meant. Then he came to the line that said, "What was your method of arrival?", meaning were you brought to the hospital in an ambulance or did you come of your own accord. He turns to the person who brought him in, "What was it? A Ford or a Chevy? I'll just put Ford."

I saw a commercial for Aero Garden and the chick says, "This is something you can get for the person who has everything because they don't have this!" Then they don't have EVERYthing, do they?


Anonymous said...

What kind of oven do you have exactly??


*Goddess* said...

It's just a White Westinghouse electric stove, but here's the thing: the stove is on the same circuit breaker as the plug that I have my laptop surge protector plugged into, and I bet that's why it's interrupting. Don't know how, but I'm guessing it's not coincidental.

SpongyBones said...

Wow you were pirating the net weren't you. Your neighbors still had electricty and you were trying to use their modem. Bad woman you!

*Goddess* said...

Noooo, different days. I was trying to use my OWN modem.

BRUNO said...

Time for me to stick MY nose in here---although I'll tell you to listen to STACEY!

Does your oven---which you say shares the same circuit---have a digital-entry keypad, by any chance, similar to the ones' on microwaves? Even just a micro-processor controlled OVEN thermostat COULD create interference.

I myself have to use a different, FILTERED circuit for my DESKTOP PC, because of the "birdies" created by one of my older-model Public Safety communications scanners.

*Goddess* said...

No, it's a knobby type electric stove, Bruno, but there has to be some connection. It's happened a couple times now. It can't be coincidence.

BRUNO said...

I THINK the proper term for that is HARMONIC DISTORTION---maybe!

Either way, some place like Radio Shack should have a relatively-cheap, in-line AC filter, for such problems.

BRUNO said...

WA-A-AIT A MINUTE---did you say the SAME CIRCUIT as your stove? The STOVE---unless it's a pizza-oven type---will be on a TWO-line, 220-volt circuit. Your SURGE PROTECTOR, for the laptop, will only be the standard 110-volt household system, probably "feeding" off of one "leg" of the stove circuit.

Bad ground? Bad power-supply transformer, for the laptop? Maybe your surge protector is "surged-out"---you know, as in "shot to hell"!

Somethin' don't "jive", here! But at least you have an excuse to NOT cook....!

*Goddess* said...

The surge has a light on it that tells me it's grounded and protected from surge and both lights are on.

When I say "circuit" I'm talking circuit opposed to fuses? Is that what you're talking about? Ugh. This stuff is freaking confusing to me.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm referring to, the circuit-breaker.

Your surge shows both lights on---that's good. That eliminates the grounding question!

Now---your STOVE. If it's a "standard-type" oven/range combo, it HAS to be powered by a 220-volt "pigtail" plug, with those big, wide prongs---like dryers use. In that case, the ONLY way you could be using the SAME circuit, is if you have the surge-strip plugged into an auxiliary 110-volt outlet that's part of the STOVE. If that's the case, try one of your WALL-mounted sockets.

It's not at all unusual to find circuits that are "electrically-incompatible" with power-supply transformers. Cell phones, police scanners, and especially the newer types of cordless phones, are some of the worst offenders!

Here's something to look for, the next time you're around the doctors' office, and killin' time waiting in the exam room: Look at the PLUGS, and WALL SOCKETS in the room---they will all have a tag on them, that says: SUITABLE FOR MEDICAL USE. That simply means that particular plug, or socket, is equipped with a FILTER, to stop static and/or electrical-interference BEFORE it gets to the "thing" that's plugged into it. Startin' to get INTERESTING, ain't it?

Enjoying your free education in electronics yet? Took ME all my life to figure it out---and I'm STILL learnin' by trial-and-error...!!!

BRUNO said...

And here's just ONE more "little-quickie"---take a look at the "tag" on your surge protector. I would bet money on it, that it says---"This device is not suitable for medical use."---doesn't it?

That means it has NO built-in "filter", for interference. 99.9% of even the most expensive types DO NOT have such!

OK---you can leave school now, and go home...!

*Goddess* said...

Oooh, ok, I'm totally fucked up now..LOL! You're saying that in order for it to be affected, I'd have to have it plugged into a plug right on the stove? Cuz right now it IS plugged into a wall mounted socket. The reason I was saying it's on the same circuit is cuz when that circuit breaker pops, the stove and anything connected into this wall plug goes out, as well as does my outside porch light.

BRUNO said...

I don't know about YOU bein' skee-rooed, but your wiring sure is!

Lord, Lord---IF your oven IS a typical 220-volt set-up, I'm afraid I know what someone did---they wired your WALL-socket into one of the "feed-legs" of your oven circuit, probably on the primary(red)wire! That's why your OVEN breakers'-handles are(should!)be locked together at the junction box---that way, if ONE leg shows a dangerous overload, it trips BOTH "legs" of the circuit.

God, girl---now you worry me! When ya' play with 220-line voltage, you're playin' with FIRE---literally!

Those breakers tend to wear-out, and STICK CLOSED, after several "hot-cycles", a.k.a. overloads. As long as they TRIP---fine. But when they STICK---! Good ol' Lin, out there in the boonies, ain't stayin' alive by bein' stupid, you know---just ask HER!

Wish I were there, but I ain't, and cain't! But I can tell you---get thee ass to a handyman, or even a handy-husband-man!

Like those little "kiddie-infomercials" about home safety say:"Electricity is your FRIEND!"

To which I might add:"NEVER play games with your FRIEND, or they might get pissed, and KILL you.....!!!

*Goddess* said...

Is it possible to have a new breaker box put in and rewired there, or do they have to rewire your whole home, which totally couldn't afford?
Don't think this whole electricity situation hasn't been on MY mind for a long time now. Our bill since we moved in here is higher than my mother who has a basement, two stories and a full attic, plus two refrigerators. We're very conservative on energy and yet we consistently pay about $20-30 more than most people around us. I keep suggesting to my husband that it might have something to do with the way the place is wired, but he says he doesn't think that would have anything to do with it.

BRUNO said...

Wish I'd seen this earlier. You've just answered MY solution, to YOUR problem!

YES, you can have a new, upgraded box put in, indeed---although it won't be cheap! But it would be a lot cheaper than a TOTAL home re-wire, so NO---you DON'T have to re-run all that wire, just up-grade that box!

Something else you just said caught my attention---your monthly USAGE expense. Now, please---tell Mr. G that I, in NO way, am trying to second-guess him! BUT---IF you have a wiring mess like that, it really CAN "bleed" current from your "hot" incoming, directly into the ground. Especially since we already KNOW your "circuit-ground" is good---which, BTW, is a GOOD thing, especially in this case!

Here's a quick, self-taught lesson on that subject: About 4 years ago, I noticed a sudden sharp increase in KWH/month used. The utility company, in a gesture of friendship, done a fault-check on my incoming "tri-plex" overhead service line---took them all of 2 minutes! Found ONE of the THREE insulated "feeders" had worn the insulation off, and bared the wire inside---only about 1 inch long. When it was DAMP, or would RAIN, this would "ground" itself, and cause my lights to "dink", but not go out! They wrapped the spot with "hot-stick" insulation, which took another 5 minutes!

Within the next 3 months afterwards, my KWH usage per month dropped about 30%!!! And, my lights stopped "dinking"...!

Keep in touch, lemme know! You KNOW where I am....!