Sunday, December 30, 2007

love means never having to say 'i google myself'

What a game last night between NE and NY. What gives with the refs turning a blind eye to the eye poke from the Patriots? That should have been a 15 yard penalty. And it would have been had NY been at fault. They caught the "whack to the head," but not the eye poke. Interesting. I have a new crush. Yes, I'm quickly falling in love with Cathy Mitchell, the woman who pimps the GT Xpress 101. She's what I imagine Stacey is like in the kitchen. That woman can make a sandwich or omelet out of ANYTHING. Toss in some steak, potatoes, shoe leather, cover with egg, and viola! A delicious, chewy omelet! Mix up a cake batter, add some strawberries and barbed wire and presto! A fun, crunchy angel food cake! I love this woman. If only I could marry her and make her my kitchen slave for life. Her jogging suit top is fabulous, too!

I swear if I hear one more commercial telling me that on January 1st Court TV becomes Tru TV ["not reality. actuality" ] I'll vomit. They've been running these damn things for MONTHS. And it feels like it. Now I just want it to happen so they'll be forced to remove that annoying icon at the bottom of the screen that is reminding me of the change 24/7. As if the commercials aren't obnoxious enough. My only fear is that in January they'll have a new icon reading "Tru TV, formerly Court TV" mucking up my screen.

You know when you're watching a show and someone speaks a foreign language, they
run the translation at the bottom of the screen? I was at work on Saturday waiting for my boss to shake shit, and I turned on the TV and they were airing a show about celebrity near death experiences. Naturally, Keith Richards made the list. (Probably more than once.) Well, as he was talking, I noticed they were "translating" his words at the bottom of the screen. Good thing, too. Now if they'd just do that for Snoop Dog.

After a few minutes of that, I flipped over to an E special featuring lots of clips from Cheaters.
I love the way the dude on Cheaters exploits people's pain, then says how sorry he is. What an ass. Especially when he shows people video proof of the person cheating, then says, "I'll bet that's hard for you to see." DUH. But that doesn't stop him from showing them, does it? Then he always follows it up with how the cheatee doesn't deserve to be treated that way, as if justifying his "humanitarian work efforts". I did LMAO, though, when he went to a commercial break by saying, "When we return, more heartbreak." Why do people go on this show? It's bad enough that they've been cheated on, but to allow an entire nation to see them be made fools of? Dumb. I guess I was raised differently. I was taught to hold in all your anger and shame, and pretend everything is fine, even though you're dying inside. Builds character. And ulcers.

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CHEWY said...

As a New Englander I have to cheer... WAY TO GO PATS!