Monday, December 17, 2007

joy to the world, all the boys and girls

Does anybody know ANYTHING about telescopes?
My husband keeps talking about how he'd love a telescope
to gaze at the planets and stars, and his birthday is coming up in January,
so I'd like to buy him one. Any help would be appreciated!

"Met my old lover at the grocery store..."
Goodbye to Dan Fogelberg, who died of cancer. I know it's corny, but I LIKE "Same Auld Lang Syne."

I was flipping channels this afternoon and they were running this poll
on the "entertainment" show Extra: "Who should get the kids for Christmas: Britney or Kevin?" Good grief. As IF that's the public's decision to make. I'm rather shocked they didn't have the ever popular "undecided" option.

I heard the song, "Here Comes Santa Claus" on the way home tonight and I never picked up on the line, "Let's give thanks to the Lord above, cuz Santa Claus comes tonight" before. Yes, I'm sure Jesus is grateful we're overlooking His birthday because Santa is coming.

Last night Mr. G sat me down and said, "Try to remain calm, but I wanted to let you know that I am buying you something for Christmas that you've wanted for a long, long time."
I jumped up and screamed, "OMG!! You're buying me a NEW two carat diamond ring! I gave up all hope after I returned that one, thinking I'd never get--"
"NO! Not that ring stuff again!" he interrupted. "I'm getting you that Chrissy doll you wanted when you were a little kid."
Me: "WHAT?! That stupid doll ruined my life!"
Mr. G: "I thought you said your mother ruined your life."
Me: "Well, of course, my mother ruined my life. Every mother worth her salt ruins
her daughter's life. And if the dads are doing right by their sons, they'll be brooding and emotionally unavailable, dooming generations of men to come. Those are givens. But Chrissy ruined my life because she taught me that you can wish and wish and dreams never come true!"
Then two little tears slid down my cheeks.
Mr. G: "Uh huh. You told me that when you were ten and got that yellow bike with the high handle bars and the banana seat, you learned that dreams really do come true!"
Me: "I told you that? Crap. I thought I laid that b.s. on the offspring. I wasted these damn tears for nothing."


BBC said...

I've bought two telescopes and they pretty much sucked. If he really wants one the best advice I can give you is to get a high quality one. That will cost you some big bucks of course.

I gave mine away and bought a pretty decent zoom spotting scope for about a hundred bucks. I like it a lot better. At 60 power it starts getting fuzzy, but it's pretty good at 40 power.

Great for watching nudes on the beaches, if there was any nudes on the beaches here.

33 degrees and calm here. Don't be any nudes out today, other than in my mind. LOL

SpongyBones said...

I don't know crap about telescopes. Can say that when you leave the city the stars look a hell of a lot closer then they do in town.

My sisters all had them dolls when I was a kid. Funny their arms and legs were always being pulled off and that damn doll made them cry too ....

BBC said...

Another thought. I found telescopes to be a pain to look though, you have to get your eye right up to the little lens and get things just perfect to view things. They are hard to target on objects and you have to have them mounted on a tripod or they are useless.

When I was trucking for a while I had a camcorder mounted on the dash of the truck and recorded a lot of the things I was doing out there as I rambled around the country. It had an 8 power zoom and I had a 5 inch black & white TV hooked to it. With only 8 power I was able to view distance things pretty well.

For what it is worth, I think that your hubby would be much happier with a telescope or good camcorder that a TV or computer monitor can be attached to. Looking at a nice big screen is much better than trying to look through a small eyepiece. It would cost more but be worth it.

Lin said...

I'm with BBC - if you spring for a telescope, make it a good quality one (but it will be BIG bucks). Mark ordered one at the unbelievably low clearance price of $40 some odd bucks. It would have sucked at $20 which is the price we're seeing it listed for now. Plus it is a pain looking at an up-side-down image.

Fogelburg died? Hey, I liked that song, too.

At least Mr. G didn't surprise you with another yellow bike with the damned banana seat. Hardly a Hoveround.