Thursday, December 06, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yuck. One super cold day and my nose is so dry I can barely breathe. Damn gas heat!! And damn forced air heat!!!
(And don't even think about telling me that little helpful hint you're dying to tell me right now, people. Putting water by the registers does NOT work!! And I've got the sore nose to prove it.)
As soon as I get home tonight, I'm using that Neti pot. I'll let you know how it goes.
Mr. G called from work this morning to tell me he feels feverish and achy all over.
So again, I pray, "Lord, if I must get sick, please let it be on my days off."
I have to work all weekend. I can't afferd to get sick. Thankfully, Mr. G is off Sunday so he can stay in bed if necessary.
"Oh and, P.S., Lord. Last time I got the flu, Mr. G did NOT, so I'm due to stay healthy this time around. Thanks!"
I tossed and turned till about 2 a.m. last night because I could hear Mr. G tossing and turning.
His stomach was bothering him all night and he thought it was something he ate.
He said, "I bought two cheeseburgers for supper when I was in town, and I think
they're what's making me sick. I don't think they were cooked enough. I feel awful."
Now here's the way my mind works, I immediately said, "HEY! You bought two cheeseburgers and you didn't buy me any?!"

I was watching the TV Guide Channel --one thing I LOVE about satellite tv is that you don't have to suffer through this stupid channel to see what's on. It only shows you an hour and a half at a time and it scrolls so slow --and they were showing Celebrity Fit Club 3. I don't know whether the shows they have on the guide channel are new or what, but how pathetic that your show runs on THAT channel? Anyway, one of the weight loss chicks was the daughter from Mo'nique's show, The Parker. Mo'nique is probably turning over in her grave since she's always spouting that "fat and proud" drivel.

I was watching Fraiser, and Niles was test driving a Segway all over the apartment. His dad asked him if he liked it, and he said, "Walking is but a distant memory." LOL!

Boss #1 told me that Overtime Hawg called her Monday and asked for Friday off so
she could go to her (still living at this point) niece's funeral. Boss #1 refused to work for her because her husband is in the hospital with pneumonia. Boss #1 said, "Why don't you visit your niece Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when you're off?"
And Overtime Hawg actually said, "I don't want to see her now. I want to see her when she's dead."
Yes, because it will mean so much more to her niece when she's dead
and doesn't know/care who shows up at her funeral. Unbelievable.
Ok, top that one, Bruno!


BBC said...

Is Fraiser still on? Geez, I haven't watched TV for ages, but used to enjoy that nut.

You need a humidifier hon. At least hang wet towels all over the place. Or the laundry.

BRUNO said...

Well, I---I---DAMN!!! I honestly TRIED to think of a "cute-assed" comeback, but---wait---naw, it STILL ain't there!

But by gawd, at least I can say that I lost to the BEST!

Maybe NEXT year......!

BRUNO said...

But it DOES kinda remind me of the people who'll file past the casket, pause, and then tell the bereaved family---like it makes them feel better---"Oh, he/she looks SO natural!, or, "My, but they made him/her look so NATURAL!"

Why, yes---they always did seem to look so DEAD, when they were alive!!!

Of course, if it was in the case of the 'Stones Keith Richards---who would know? How could you tell....???!

*Goddess* said...

Fraiser is on in repeats, Billy. Funny, because I never watched the show in prime time, but I catch a lot of them when they're syndicated. I seem to have more time to watch in the afternoon. Evenings I'd rather do other stuff.

Hang wet towels all over the place?? And make this trailer look dumpy?! Are you kidding? LOL...

*Goddess* said...

I always like when they say, "he looks like he's sleeping". Yeah, except he's NEVER going to wake up, jackass!

Dilly said...

MWEAH Dilly sympathize! Wagons hav dry noses an dry throates from breethin fire....

Dilly like Frasier. Like Eddie best!