Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i'll be home for christmas

Ahhh, there's no place like home for the holidays. Unless that home happens to be a trailer with 16 screaming kids all demanding to know where their presents are at 5 a.m. Is it my fault Santa can't fit his fat butt through our bathroom exhaust pipe?!

But enough about the offspring and their greedy ways! You will never BELIEVE what Santa brought ME!!!! I couldn't believe it myself. Santa brought me A GORGEOUS DIAMOND RING!! I'm like, "Santa, I LOVE this, but why did you buy me another one when I returned the last one we bought?" Santa told me he loved me and wanted me to have the ring. Plus, apparently Santa got a good deal on it, so even if anything would happen job wise for either of us, it didn't cost that much that I'd feel guilty about keeping it. Besides, they're gonna have to saw this one off, finger and all, to get it back. It's beautiful and I love it! I tried to take a picture of it, but it keeps coming out too white. Must be all the flash from the camera combined with the flash from all those diamonds:) (I know I'm boasting, but hey, all too soon I'll be back to bath beads and slippers. These kinds of gifts only come along once in a blue moon.)

We visited Mr. G's mother this afternoon. I doubt we'll visit my parents till later on in the week. My mother always has her shabang on Christmas Eve, and then my relatives begin an orgy of visiting. It's insane, and it used to drive my husband nuts, until he just refused to go any longer. It's like this: all the siblings pretty much live within 20 minutes of my mother, but we don't see each other hardly at all during the year. Then the week of Christmas we see each other at Mom's on Christmas Eve, another relative's on Christmas Day, then we visit each other at their houses. BUT we can't visit one sister one year at her house and then have her come to our house the next year. NOOOO! Everybody has to go back and forth to each other's house during the week or they get REALLY PISSED and it's absolutely nuts. Frankly, I'm glad we stepped off the Merry-Go-Round O'Visiting. After we'd leave someone's house, my husband used to say, "Unless somebody dies, we can cross them off the list for another twelve months." Nobody ever said family traditions had to make sense.


BBC said...

I out lived all my close family, and we wasn't that close anyway.

I spend Christmas in peace and quite anymore.

Helen and I did go to the hospital for a nice meal.

I didn't get anything for Christmas, don't need anything but world peace and some nooky.

Time to go to beer church for a bit.

H2o said...

You deserve the ring. Wear it and be proud. Now post a picture glare and all.

Lin said...

You got the ring! Congrats - I know how much that meant to you!