Friday, December 07, 2007

he led them down the streets of town right to the traffic cop

Yikes! I get so far behind on my blogs when I'm working. Today I checked Google Reader and I had 38 updated posts to read! Then I get behind on responding to comments and commenting...dang. It's a snowball effect...and I'm underneath it:)

This was really wonderful. A reporter from Red Bluff Daily Online contacted me and asked me some questions about my Hott Cops blog because I had posted several of their hottie officers. Damn, they have a TON of them! The reporter wrote a really nice article, and then two of the tv stations got involved. The Kiwanis Club "fined" the Chief for every cop that appeared on the blog and $450 was raised for scholarships. Good for them for taking it in the spirit in which it was intended and for turning it into something good for others. There's a price to pay for being hott! Apparently, it's $50 a pop. I love the way the Kiwanis Club doesn't miss a beat...or an opportunity.

Wow. You can tell Gary Collins is not a PYT. (pretty young thing) He got four DAYS in jail...not 45 minutes like Lohan.

Question for you dog owners: when you start singing "Where Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" and your dog starts howling at the top of her lungs, that means she likes it, right? She likes it so much she's singing along, right? Or does it mean, "I prefer a little Hip Hop, please"?

I've had Direct TV for about a year now and I keep forgetting that we have Satellite Radio channels. It seems so stupid listening to the radio through the TV because all you see is a blank screen. The other day I noticed they had a holiday music station and I like to listen to Christmas songs when I'm messing around on the computer. I couldn't remember the station number so I punched in one and up came OPRAH'S station. UGH. As if Oprah on TV isn't bad enough. Why does her and "her friends" have to clutter up my airwaves? Anyway, Marianne Williamson was on. Have you noticed how all of these "spiritual" people talk really quiet and calmly and slowly? if.....we're....complete....idiots. Idiots filled with The Spirit, but idiots just the same.

BTW, now every time I hear Frank Sinatra singing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," I immediately think "Polar Express".

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